felt peonies with svg cut filesDreamy Peony 


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut the felt pieces according to the pattern.
  3. Take one of the Petal 1 pieces, then glue and wrap around floral wire.
  4. Glue the rest of the Petal 1 pieces to the wire.
  5. Take the remainder of the petals, glue, and fold over the slit at the bottom.
  6. Continue to glue and stagger petal pieces and glue onto the wire according to the petal numbers.
  7. Take the base of your flower and glue and pinch each of the four points.
  8. Cut a small slit in the middle of the base of your flower, then put your wire through and glue to the bottom of the flower.
  9. Glue and pinch the base of the three leaves.
  10. Use floral tape to cover the wire from the base of the flower, stopping along the way to attach your leaves.
  11. Glue your leaves to the wire, then use floral tape to secure into place.

There’s More to Come!

With the release of the new Cricut Maker cutting machine, we’re creating SVG files for many of our favorite projects of the past! Stay tuned for more crafting magic, made possible by Cricut…

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diy felt peonies svg peonies diy peonies