A Special Cricut Announcement… 

We are so excited to share these giant paper flower bouquets from all around the USA! Can you guess which region of America each of these bouquets is from? We were invited by Cricut to design and make nine jumbo paper flower bouquets for their annual Mountain Make-A-Thon, happening in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are so proud of these and are thrilled with how all of them turned out!

Three all-new Cricut products are being launched at the Make-A-Thon, each with a focus on innovation. The first product is the Cricut Bright Pad – a super-slim light pad that allows you to weed more easily. It also allows you to trace illustrations and patterns. The second product is the Cricut Easy Press – a heat press that combines the speed of a heat press with the convenience of an iron. It’s very fast, and it has a timer and a temp gauge. Makes creating projects with iron-on so much faster, safer and easier.

The Cricut Maker

The third and final product is the Cricut Maker – a new personal cutting machine that cuts more than ever. Almost 4 years in the making! It cuts felt, leather, balsa wood and 100’s of different fabrics. It will cut a simple sewing project pattern in fifteen minutes, where it would otherwise take almost an hour and a half to cut by hand. We used this new machine to create all nine of our beautiful jumbo bouquets and fell in love! We’re so excited about these new Cricut products!

Today we are taking you on a tour of the US with a closer look at each of these Cricut Maker-made bouquets, giving you step-by-step tutorials and templates for you to easily recreate at home. Pictured below:

More to Explore

Check out our Facebook Live with Lia from the Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon here! As well as walking you through the new machine, Lia also shares all of her tips and tricks for the new Cricut Maker. 

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