Having a place where you can sit outside, relax, and enjoy the fresh air can make you feel calmer and happier. Thanks to our friends at Hayneedle, I was able to create an outdoor living space that I love and hang out in all the time! I’ve spent a lot of time here already this summer with family, friends, and my dog Enzo. And I can’t wait to hang out here in the fall, too! Once the air starts getting cool and crisp, I’ll be curling up in this space with a cozy blanket, a magazine or book, and a cup of tea (or a hot toddy!).

To create a cozy outdoor living space like this one, you need comfy, weather-resistant furniture, home decor that fits your style, and some softer home accents that make the room feel more inviting. Scroll down to see what we used to decorate this space!

Relax & Recharge

Since I like to mix different textures and materials whenever I’m decorating or crafting, I combined wicker seating with mixed metal tables for my outdoor living space. I also chose neutral colors that would complement each other and enrich our warm wood floor and brick wall fireplace.

Choose Seating That’s Great for Relaxing and Socializing

I like the wicker conversation set we got from Hayneedle because it’s lightweight, yet resilient—and it comes with soft, comfortable cushions. Wicker chairs can sometimes feel heavy and have a square shape. So I like that these chairs are light and have more of a fine-boned look and delicate shape. They also fit perfectly on our porch right in front of the fireplace. Since I’m not using the fireplace right now, I put candles in there to create a more cozy atmosphere.

Mix Different Styles to Make it Your Own

The conversation set comes with a wicker coffee table and side table, but I put them toward the front of my porch instead. I don’t want my furniture pieces and home decor to be too matchy-matchy, so I decided to get Hayneedle’s copper side tables and use their cocktail table as my coffee table. We love copper around here and use it to make a lot of different copper wire projects. I also love gold! The coffee table has a beautiful gold antique finish as well as a distressed surface texture. Plus, its asymmetrical design works really well with all of the geometric planters we got from Hayneedle. These mixed metal tables also highlight the gold and copper accents in the planters.  Check out our style board on Hayneedle to see all the goodies!

Create a Space You Want to Be In

As you can see, we have quite a few planters on our porch. I love plants—whether they’re real, faux, or made out of paper. Adding greenery is just like getting a breath of fresh air. It can bring energy to a room while also creating a calm, serene atmosphere. Just like the other decor in this room, I wanted to get a variety of planters with different colors and textures that would complement the furniture.

Indoor/outdoor rugs and table lamps are another easy way to add warmth and texture to a room. This indoor/outdoor area rug from Hayneedle is a great choice for an outdoor living space because it’s resistant to water, mildew, and mold. It’s also very simple, yet stylish.

If your porch is on the smaller side, you can still create an outdoor living space that you love! These pieces would work just as well on a patio or deck. Or you can browse Hayneedle to see what would suit your space. Whatever you do, make it your own!

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Close-up of Hayneedle wicker conversation set, cocktail table, copper side table, and indoor/outdoor area rug on porch
Hayneedle wicker conversation set, cocktail table, copper side table, and indoor/outdoor rug on porch
Hayneedle cocktail table with tray, plant, and DIY coasters
Hayneedle wicker conversation set in front of brick fireplace with candles
Hayneedle geometric planter for fern on front porch
Outdoor living furniture and home decor from Hayneedle
Hayneedle geometric planters and storage basket with DIY linen throws under table on front porch
Hayneedle textured planter and geometric planters on front porch
Cozy outdoor living space with Hayneedle wicker conversation set, cocktail table, indoor/outdoor rug, and geometric planters
Hayneedle wicker chair with DIY linen throw, storage basket, and DIY macrame and yarn wall hanging near brick fireplace
Hayneedle wicker conversation set, cocktail table, indoor/outdoor rug, and planters with DY linen throw and macrame/yarn wall hanger
Fronnt porch with Hayneedle wicker conversation set, cocktail table, and indoor/outdoor area rug
Imax Gokey Cocktail Table with plant and DIY terrazzo coasters
Lia Griffith team sitting on conversation set on front porch