I love making my own beauty products. Because I have sensitive skin, I have always been conscious of trying to use natural products with as few ingredients as possible. The older I get, the more I realize that so many people can relate with the experience of having all different kinds of skin sensitivities, and how difficult it can be to find the right product for you. My hands always get dry and cracked in the winter. So I needed something that would be mild on my skin but have some serious healing power. My sister recently shared her homemade lotion recipe with me, and it was so wonderful that I couldn’t wait to share it here!

Homemade Lotion

Simple & Sweet

If you saw my post on my favorite uses for coconut oil, you can add this to the list as number 11! To make this homemade lotion, you will need four ingredients: aloe vera, fractionated coconut oil, vitamin c serum, and essential oils. I used Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly.

I have not tried this recipe using other aloe veras, so I can’t say if you will have success with all aloe vera brands. This aloe works particularly well because the extra 1% includes emulsifiers that will help blend the homemade lotion. When buying your coconut oil, make sure that you are getting fractionated coconut oil for this recipe!

I also added a vitamin C serum to add an anti-aging aspect to the mix. This ingredient is not necessary, but it’s a great option for adding a natural skin toner and spot corrector. Lastly, add some essential oils in your favorite scents to personalize your homemade lotion! Follow the recipe below to mix your concoction.

Mixing Tips

I would recommend mixing the ingredients together in a mixing bowl with a whisk and then scooping the lotion mixture into a plastic sandwich bag. Cut the corner of the bag and then squeeze the mixture into your bottles. I found some 8 oz. glass pump bottles on Amazon that are perfect for putting in my bathroom. And I am definitely going to be getting some small squeeze bottles to stick in my purse!

Below you can also download the PDF for the editable labels to go with your homemade lotion. I made a geranium lotion and a sweet orange lemongrass lotion, but you can use any essential oils that strike your fancy! To edit these labels, you will need to install the free fonts Porter Sans, Arcon, and Learning Curve. Print your labels onto full-sheet label paper, cut them out, and place them directly onto your bottles.

More Ideas

This homemade lotion would be a wonderful giftย to give to your bridesmaids forย your wedding day or to your mom for Mother’s Day! Make a whole collection of skin and beauty supplies by browsing my recipes forย lavender bath salt, whipped body butter, organic castile soap, and homemade deodorant! And take a look at our entire Beauty and Style section for even more DIY beauty inspiration. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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Ingredients for Homemade Lotion