I wanted to embrace a Pacific Northwest theme for my handmade Christmas tree as I feel I am settling into this city and creating a home for myself with my little fixer upper that we will share more of in 2021.

I started with fresh silver dollar eucalyptus stems and tucked them into the conifer branches to add color and texture to my tree. Next I hung a variety of sage green and teal blue ball ornaments on the branches. If you couldn’t tell from the site (and my logo), teal is one of my favorite colors!

This year I also got more creative with my tree topper. On top of my tree is our frosted paper fern wreath, and it continues to swirl around the tree as a golden garland. Ferns are one of my favorite plants here in Oregon as they are lush and abundant.

I then added crepe paper magnolias with their gold leaves and berry sprigs. Though magnolias are traditionally thought of as a southern U.S. flower, in Portland’s famous Forest Park, there is a magnolia garden with trails weaving around the wide variety of seasonally blooming trees. This garden is one of my favorite local destinations.

As a final touch, I tucked some paper birds inside the wreath and around the tree. The finished look is so elegant and brings me so much joy!

Have a wonderful Christmas weekend, happy holidays to all, and don’t forget to download our 2021 calendar below!

~ Lia and team

frosted paper fern wreath tree topper crepe paper magnolia and paper bird ornamentcrepe paper magnolia flower Lia Griffith's Christmas tree with DIY decorations