New_Office_SpaceWe have just finished round one of the new office decor! What was my studio has now been transformed to a space for my three new team members, Anna and Krista and my intern, Jessica. Stay tuned for my post on the new prop and craft room. Since the space is not large, we needed to make sure all the furniture pieces were compact and reusable for when we need to move out of my house and into a “real” office. Most of our desk pieces are from Ikea as we wanted a fresh white look. The chairs are all from Storables and our pretty white task lamps from West Elm. I then created a printer work station from the Ikea metal shelves and a hollow core door from Home Depot.  This creates a nice area for the cutting mat, paper storage and the Cricut cutting machine (that we use daily) and gives us plenty of space for storage boxes. This is where I added the company motto as I shared in yesterday’s post. The rest of the decor for this room was found by “shopping” my prop room including using the chunky legs from the round table that sat in the middle of this room for a vintage style console for the cork board. For the monitor stands the team voted to find these vintage wooden soda boxes. I had propped one of the monitor with a box as a temporary fix, and it seemed to be a look they liked. Modern meets rustic vintage.

Office_ViewCork_Board_DIYCork_Board_GWork_StationsPaper_Succulent_PotsPrinter_Work_StationCricut_Too;sCollection_WallLOVEWork_StationDetails_ComputerMy adjoining office space did not change much other than a few items here and there. Of course I did get the soda box monitor stand to match the others.

Lias_Workspace My_Computer My_Workspace Board_Wall Washi_Tape_Collection Succulent_Wooden_Box Topiary_Office_DecorIntel sent us a Dell Venue 7 tablet a few weeks ago and we have put it to work for us in our office space! We hooked it up to my Harman Kardon speakers (that I have had for about 12 years) and set up a Pandora music station that we can all enjoy. A perfect addition to our new space! Stay tuned for the prop and craft room tour. ~ Lia


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