Perhaps it is because we live in rainy Portland that all of us in the studio have a love for the tropical monstera leaf. You can see what we have designed with this leaf along with other tropical leaves in paper, fabric, felt, and clay. We have even used shrink film to create a pair of stylish monstera leaf earrings! Other than our framed papercut tropical leaves, we haven’t done much wall art. So today we are sharing our painted monstera leaf artwork.

I beleaf good things are coming!

To offset the cool winter days and remember my last trip to the tropics, I created two artful versions of this pretty papercut leaf to frame and hang in my sunroom against my newly papered wall. Talk about bringing the outdoors in!

If you’re curious what exactly led to this painted monstera leaf artwork, here’s a little backstory. In January I started taking an online art class where I get to learn new drawing and painting techniques in weekly art assignments. So far my favorite classes have included watercolor paints and colored pencils. I remember these being my favorite back in art school, so perhaps it is no surprise. This art class is what inspired me to bring these mediums to our craft studio and work them into a simple DIY home décor project.

This painted monster leaf artwork is a great way to bring some greenery into your home and onto your walls. It’s also very affordable. For less than $35, I have two original pieces of artwork. This is what DIY is all about!

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For this painted monstera leaf artwork, I simply cut two leaves from a heavy green paper that I picked up at my art supply store. You can find the template of this leaf below.

To create the watercolor leaf, I first painted the paper completely with a large soft brush and clear water. I then dabbed the paint pigment onto the wet paper, letting it bleed across the shape. I loved how the water made the paper warp and curl, and knew I would use this natural shaping for my final piece.

For the darker leaf, I chose a few green and teal colored pencils and simply sketched around the edges of the leaf in color patches. I then ran the fingers of the leaf along the edge of the table to curl and shape them in a similar way to how the water had warped the first leaf.

Once the painted leaf was completely dry, I placed it into the center of an off white 10″x10″ card stock sheet. Each leaf is attached in six spots with hot glue, allowing the curled paper to create a 3D look. Then I placed the final painted monstera leaf artwork pieces into IKEA Ribba frames that were ready to hang.

painted monstera leaves next to green colored pencils, green ribbon, and spools

painted monstera leaf painted monstera leaf artwork on dresser with leaf printed wallpaper in background painted monstera leaf artwork hanging on wall with leaf print next to potted paper plant and hand décorFind more DIY home décor projects

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