Handcrafted_Homemade_Editable_LabelsYesterday I shared the recipes for my two new favorite dipping sauces. The first, a tomato and orange dipping sauce is super easy to make with an immersion blender and a few simple ingredients. With plenty of garlic, tomato and fresh orange juice this is a rich, flavorful sauce that is perfect with chicken skewers, mozzarella sticks or as a base sauce on a gluten free pizza – yum! The garlic aioli is the best I have ever tasted – the recipe is a old favorite of our designer Lindsay and after she shared it with me this week I am hooked. The mayo base is much tastier than any store bought mayo I have tried and lasts longer than you think – one whole week after the best before date of your eggs. This afternoon I am sharing these gorgeous printable food labels which can be used to label your jars of homemade dipping sauce. Download the font Lobster, then print them onto full sheet labels and trim to size. We used Weck jars from our local homesteading store making these sauces the perfectly packaged gift for the host and hostess of a party or for Father’s Day. I am also sharing the recipe cards for both dipping sauce recipes. This is a simple PDF which you can download and print onto card stock and fold at the middle. The design on the recipe cards compliments our entire Father’s Day range – the strong palette of blues, gray and burnt orange can be found on our printable dish towel designs, the cute printable Best Dad Book,  the Doneness Test poster and the printable wrapping paper. There will of course be more DIY Father’s Day projects, printables and inspiration coming your way as well as your usual fix of kid’s crafts, home decor and my personal favorite, paper flowers. See you tomorrow! Enjoy! ~ Lia

Printable_Recipe_Cards Recipe_Card_Editable