If you are ready to try a new craft, I suggest you try needing felting. You might just fall in love as I have. Making little animals and birds and adding to our collection is a monthly highlight for me. And I have been enjoying making new projects as well as updating older ones, like this wool felted sheep.

Felting with this gorgeous wool fiber in repetition is also very calming to the mind! So if you’re ready for a fun and peaceful craft activity, check out the tutorial below.

needle felted fluffy wool sheep

A wooly great DIY craft

If you have a little one who loves farm animals, this needle felted sheep makes a great gift! You could even make this felt barn to go with it. And add some other animals, like our needle-felted chicks and pigs. Another option is to explore our felt stuffies, such as our felt goat, to see what other barnyard animals you might like to make.

Crafting tips: I like to call the style of needle felting we share on our site “hybrid” as we often start the base with a pre-formed, round wool ball. This makes the process of building the base quicker so more time is left for the details.

Along with the handmade Nepal wool balls, I used the natural colored core wool to finish the form of this felted sheep before adding the New Zealand wool felt for the top layer. You can also add shapable, movable legs by using the chenille stems.



How to Make a Needle Felted Sheep

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the template below as a guide.
  2. Wrap core wool around a 4cm wool ball and use a 36G needle to shape the ball into an egg shape.
  3. Finish the body shape to the size of the printed template.
  4. Wrap core wool around a 2cm wool ball and use a 36G needle to shape the ball into an egg shape.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

needle felted sheep tutorial by Lia Griffith

wool felted sheep handmade needle-felted sheep felted sheep needle-felted wool sheep

handmade sheep

fluffy wool felted sheep

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What other needle-felted farm animals would you like to see? Always feel free to write in to hello@liagriffith.com with your project suggestions! You can also browse all of our needle-felting projects. Or take a look through of all of our animal crafts.