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DIY Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Made From Paper Roses WeddingBouquet6 WeddingBouquet5 DIY Paper Rose Bouquet WeddingBouquet2

What a gorgeous way to add a little personal touch to your wedding. One of the trends for weddings is to create an event that unique and memorable. One way is to add some gorgeous sculptural paper roses into the mix. This version of my paper rose includes three tones of pink, peach and blush. The watercolor print on both sides creates a visual texture adding a painterly touch. If you are not planning a wedding, no problem! This lovely bouquet is a great Mother’s Day gift or a sculptural bouquet to dress your table. Below you will find my tutorial on how to make this bouquet. You can also refer to my paper rose video tutorial. Simply replace the skewer shown in the video with the floral wire steps.

To make this bouquet you will need:
• Prints of the 18 paper rose PDFs & 2 sheets of the leaf PDFs onto letter weight paper
(PLEASE NOTE: The PDFs have 2 pages, one to print on the front and the other on the back of the paper. Also, this double sided printable works best printed on a laser printer)
• Scissors • Hot glue gun • Floral wire • Floral tape • 2 yards of ribbon

You will find the link to download the PDFs below. Note that the preview does not show the complete design, but when you download and open it in Acrobat you will see exactly what you will be printing. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Rose Bouquet Tutorial

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  1. These roses are beautiful

  2. I’m making these for my friend’s wedding. I have a bunch printed out and have been cutting by hand, but I’m thinking about getting a cricut machine. Since I want to use the blush colored flowers and I already have them printed, is it possible to cut out what I already have printed with the cricut? If not, how would I be able to get the blush colored flowers using the cricut?

    • Yes, just insert the blush colored printed paper into the Cricut and off you go:-) Just in case you have missed it the Cricut Explore Air in Teal sold exclusively at Michaels comes with 22 of my projects pre-loaded :-)

  3. hi, love the bouquet, I just attempted my first rose and it was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be! I have 22 ga 18′ wire that I bought to use for hydrangeas and I had a really hard time working it for the rose, it kept bending and I accidently pulled it out of the center. Do you have a brand and/or thickness of wire you like to use on roses? Thanks so much I am in love with this site!

    • I like the 18 gage. The lower the number the thicker the wire is. So HAPPY to hear that you found it is easier than you though it would be.

  4. Hola! Hemos añadido tus bouquet de flores de papel en un recopilatorio que hemos hecho en nuestro blog, puedes verlo en 15 Manualidades de Flores originales que tú puedes hacer

    Muchas gracias por la idea, es genial!

  5. Hi Lia,
    Your flowers are gorgeous. I have the cricut explore and wanted to purchase the hydrangeas and the watercolor roses. What do I size them in Design space? The hydrangeas template inserts into DS at 3.89” x2.43” (that’s including the leaves!) and the watercolor rose template inserts into DS at 3.31” x 2.4”. I can’t find anywhere that it tells me what to size them and these seem rather small :)

    • I am so happy that Cricut has updated their software so that with new designs they don’t need to be resized. Yay!! As for the hydrangeas and roses they are sized to fill a 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet.

  6. These are beautiful!! Is there a way I can purchase this file for commercial use?

    • Hi, thanks for your kind comment. Unfortunately I am not selling my patterns for commercial use since I am working on a product line. You can use them for personal use only.

  7. Hi , where I can get this paper? or where I can buy a bouquet? with a specific color so my daughter wants her quinceañera all roses and creciones I love for that day

  8. Hi Lia, I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this tutorial :) I got married on Saturday and made my bouquet, table decorations and a buttonhole using these instructions, and everyone was so impressed! I loved the whole process from start to finish and found it so relaxing and rewarding – and the final results were beautiful! I will very happily send you some pictures if you would like to see! I’ll definitely be trying some more of your tutorials in the future :)
    Best wishes and thanks again, Zanna

    • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy to hear that you found making paper flowers relaxing and rewarding. Couldn’t have said it better myself;-) I would love to see some pictures from your special day. (

  9. Thanks that’s good to know. Also, I noticed that you recommend text weight paper, I can’t seem to find any online (am in the UK so ordering from outside the UK would take too long), would regular printer paper work ok or is it too flimsy?

  10. Hi Lia, I love this bouquet, it’s gorgeous and looks almost too easy to be true! I will possibly have a go at making this for my wedding in August, but I would like a teardrop bouquet really, is it possible to make a teardrop bouquet with these roses? And how would I go about doing it?

    • Yes you can. Once you have all of your roses made it is simply how you arrange them. Since the roses are on wire they are easy to move and shape.

  11. Hi Lia,

    I’m making the bridal bouquet for my friend’s wedding with your tutorial. I’m wondering how long you suggested the wire be initially. I see that you have it folded a few times. I’ve never done flower arranging before and I’m curious how long the stems should be for comfortable holding. I don’t want to have to start the whole thing over from scratch!!


  12. oh my goodness. these are so beautiful! I already have my bouquet ordered but I am going to have a go at this for bouquets for the Mums as it would be way more personal. Thank you so much!

  13. Hi Lia,
    LOVE this idea, and am ridiculously excited to make these for our wedding next year! When trying to download the link for these blush peach roses and leaves however, my computer doesn’t pull through!! Tried a couple times to end in disappointment. It’s not your website it’s my computer I think. Any way you could email it to me?

    • This is a very large file because of the watercolor images so I can’t email it to you. Can you try to download it from another computer and put it on a thumb drive?

  14. I’m getting married in hawaii next year and I was looking for Hawaiian stuff to make? I need some ideas too. I’m getting married in October next year so we have eoungh time get it done too. Let me know what u fine in too. Send it to my email okay?

    Annemarie & Scott

  15. Hi Lia,

    My friend has a Cricut Expression – I saw that the Cricut site has your rose template available for purchase, but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on whether that will work on an older machine like the Expression (I don’t know very much about Cricut, if you couldn’t tell!)

    Thank you!

    • Hi Hailey, I have never had a Cricut Expression, I have the Explorer, so I would suggest you contact Cricut’s customer service department. Thank you!!

  16. Lisa, these are beautiful and just what I need to bring some life to my new apartment! I’ve been able to download the leaves but not the petals. Can you help me out?

    Seriously, these are gorgeous!

  17. This is awesome!! But I am wondering how people are able to do different colors? I love the blush pink, but I have seen a few pictures on here with different colors.

    • Hi Karla, I use different colored papers and sometimes I print another color on top of a printed paper or do a water color print drawing that I print on paper. Hope that helps!

  18. Hey Lia,
    thank you so much for the template and the grate tutorial.
    I made a wedding bouquet using your tutorial, too:

    Keep up the good work, love your site! :)

    Greetings from Germany,

    • Thia, first of all you are a stunning bride!! Congratulations, your flowers are gorgeous. I love to see how people are using them, and feel extra honored when they are included in a wedding. It is almost like I am there:) Would love to share your pictures on my Facebook page, if you are ok with that please send them to me at

  19. Hi Lia,
    Here are some pictures of my version of the flowers on my wedding day last week. I love the flowers and so did everyone else, thanks so much

    • Love, love your pictures!! And the vintage theme and the pop of color!! Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us and congratulations on your marriage!!
      Photos by: Amy Wagner and Jane Fitzgerald

  20. Do i buy a template and then use my own card? Or do I order certain templates in certain colours? I want paper roses for my wedding and I need pale purple, blue and pink. For my bridesmaids. (not mixed colours but separate) And a mixture of those three colours and white for my bouquet. I just don’t know what to order. Your roses are beautiful

    • Hi Samantha, use a text weight paper not cardstock. Cardstock doesn’t fold as nicely. My favorite is metallic text weight from The template to print is free on my site. Your colors selection sounds lovely. Have fun and please share some pictures with us! Congratulations!

  21. What length do you cut the wire pieces to for the stems?

  22. Hi Lia! My family and friends are helping me make several hundred of your paper roses for my upcoming wedding, and I was wondering what you recommend on size of floral wire for the single stems and bouquets. Thank you!

  23. Lovely template thank you so much for sharing. I spent most of the day yesterday making my own bouquet for my wedding next up is making some for the bridesmaids and buttons holes for everyone else.

  24. Hi Lia!!!…Thank you so much for your quick response to my post. I cant wait for the cartridge from cricut to have your rose design. I hope that its really really soon, especially since my daughters party is right around the corner. I want to have a head start. I am planning on making 12 bouquets, each with at least 12-14 roses. Once again thank you, and can’t wait for more wonderful ideas from you!!!!

  25. I am anxiously awaiting the Paper Rose on the Cricut site also!

  26. Hi Lia!! I own a Cricut explore and was wondering if your rose pattern is there now to cut with the machine instead of by hand? I want to be able to make a bunch of them for my daughter’s 4rd bday party. Her theme is sleeping beauty!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Love, love, love your paper roses!!


  27. Lia, these are just beautiful!! I plan on using your design for my wedding bouquet in spring 2016. Would you please let me know if we could work out another color, like sterling (purple/silver) roses? I would appreciate a quote on other colors!

  28. These are so, so beautiful. Thank you for the template! I’m excited to make them.

  29. I love your flower bouquets! We are going to try and make them for my daughters wedding! Where did you purchase the white vases you put the bouquets in after wedding? They look so nice!

  30. Yes, I did make one of the roses and want to make a whole arrangement of them for my Mother and for my dining room. I tried to use the PDF’s that you have on your site for the Cricut but, as you probably know, that doesn’t work. So I was hoping to find out how you did them. So, question is, will this rose pattern be part of what you say is being released in July?

    Also, do you think that the subscription to Design Studio, or whatever it is called, is a good deal?

    • Yes! The rose watercolor printed rose will be released in July with Cricut. As well as the pattern ready to cut onto colored paper. I love the new Design Studio model in that you can buy one at a time as you use them or if you find that you buy a lot, the subscription price is really affordable. I guess I would say, see how much of the cut patterns you use and view it from there. They have a lot to choose from and it is fun to have access to the whole library of designs.

  31. Lia–

    Can this project be cut out on the Cricut? I was at your Saturday event and loved these flowers, but would like to cut them out on my machine instead of by hand. I am assuming that as many as you had at the Cricut PDX event that you did not cut them all out by hand.

    By the way–fabulous time at your house!!!!!
    Debby Lazarone

    • So happy you were here Debby! I wrote my first response thinking you were referring to the crepe rose. To answer. . . YES! These can be cut on a Cricut! I am not sure if you were able to make one of the roses I had the materials cut for, but it was the same pattern. In July when Cricut launches the “print to cut” there will be in their lineup too. Woo hoo!!

  32. I was wondering what type of paper I should use to print the templates?

    • I print on a laser printer using the simple white laser paper in a text weight (not card stock). Since there is print on both sides, it will look gorgeous.

  33. HI Lia Since I contacted you when I got my computer back I still haven’t been receiving your posts. I tried to subscribe again but it tells me I’m already subscribed. Help. I so want to get your wonderful posts again, miss them so much. Found this about the paper roses on 25+DIY Paper Blooms party. Had to save and print what I could, so gorgeous, will be printing the flowers out when I can get some color ink again. As usual I’m out no money due to paying for having pc repaired. Life goes on. Thanks for sharing your incredible talents.
    Of all the blogs I missed yours was top of list. Happy week

    • Double check your spam to see if it is going into that box. If you are on the list then it is certainly sending out the emails. I missed you too!!! 😉

  34. Lia,
    I found your site via a pinterest post and am using your template to make flowers for my wedding, out of comic books :-) I started this weekend and I did not want to stop! I am not a crafty person but putting these flowers together was a great stress reliever. Our wedding is not until the fall of 2015 so I plan to do a few flowers a week until then. I was just wondering if you had ever used any sort of spray shellac or anything on the flowers you have made to help them to last. Thanks!

    • I loved seeing your comic book flower on Instagram! Thanks for tagging me so I got the notice. As I said there (for readers here to know), I have flowers that are over 3 years old and they still look great with no spray or other finish. I even live in wet Portland, Oregon. :-) Share more as you go. . . love watching your progress.

  35. I made my first paper flowers as a graduation gift. It was great fun, my best friend loves them soo much, and I just wish to thank you for everything :)

  36. Hi Lia,

    I am making this bouquet for a friends wedding and made my first paper rose last night, i found the first three petals a bit difficult to position and shape but the completed flowers look amazing!! can’t wait to finish the bouquet, my friend will absolutely love it! thank you so much for providing these resources for free. your website is wonderful!

  37. Hi. Is there any color for this wedding bouquet? Like Royal blue/Gold?

  38. Very pretty!
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. I love these flowers! Is there any way to get specific colours?

  40. A good many vaeuballs you’ve given me.

  41. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Hi Lia!
    Stumbled upon your work on Pinterest and started feeling crafty, so I tried out a couple of your paper flowers, they’re wonderful! :) I was wondering, which of the paper flowers have Cricut-friendly files to save some time? Thank you! :)

    • Hi JayCee! So happy you are here. Unfortunately, Cricut’s older machines (the new Explore excluded) does not allow to upload your own designs. However, I am working with Cricut on developing my designs for their old machines as well as the new Explore. I will announce when this is available for everyone! I know, the cutting. . . I hand cut for months until I got a Silhouette. Now I am one of the testers for the new Cricut Explore and I am in heaven.

  43. Hi Lia, – Brilliant idea…for valentines day this year – I’ll give my girlfriend a bit of a special bouquet thanks to you :-) Though I have one question. You write that I need print 18 copies of the PDF, and in the guide, you write that you need 18 roses. Well each PDF copy seems to contain 3 roses right? So I actually only need 6 copies of the PDF?

    • One page (front and back) makes one rose. This bouquet has 18 roses, so you can make as many as you like. If you watch the video tutorial linked in this post you can get a really clear idea of how these are made. Does that help?

  44. beautiful!

  45. I made my first rose yesterday and it came out perfect. I have made my decision. We will have a small wedding this year and for that one i am doing all the flower myself. :) hopefully some of my friends will help me.
    I will try out different papers to see which one I like best and different colors because my fiance does not like pink.
    So thank you Lia.

    • That is fantastic! Good to hear that is looks great. If you are making a lot, consider getting a Silhouette cutting machine. It will save you a lot of time. Or enjoy the zen of cutting one at a time. I have made hundreds that way.

  46. I think your pdf file for the rose and leaves is damaged. I have tried several times, but each time the file comes up, it is not coming up correctly. Please check your file and see if you have the same problem. I tried some of your other pdf files and they come up fine, but this one does not. I am bummed, because I really wanted to make this.

  47. Wow! This is just stunning! I read it this morning & then went straight out & bought a glue gun :) I can’t wait to attempt it! Fingers crossed! Thank you so much for sharing, your whole site is beautiful! new fan :) xxx

  48. Hi Lisa :)
    I’m brazilian, and i love it make arts with paper.
    I loved the bouquet! But, which paper you used to print the roses?

  49. Hello Lia. I read about you in one of our local magazines. I’m from South Africa. I just love arts+crafts as I find it very relaxing. Are there any chances that you might be coming to South Africa? Or how can it be organised? I just love your work!!!! I wish to hear from you soon. (hope i was’nt making any spelling faults). The best of luck for you. Kind regards. Irma Greeff.

    • Hi Irma! Wow, what was the magazine? I would love to see it. I agree that creativity is sooooo good for the soul and the mind. I love traveling and hope to do it more in the future with my work. I am open to booking a workshop anywhere if the fee can cover my cost of travel. Maybe check around your community and see if there is an interest in setting up a workshop. You English was perfect! 😉

  50. Wow! I cannot believe how beautiful these turned out. I am an absolute novice and found this tutorial and printables so easy to use and complete. Thank you so much!!

  51. I see you have already answered a lot of similar questions to the one I just asked..Oopsy.. but my doubt is that since i can’t afford a printer i cut the template on my own, mostly i used a colored sheet. In that case wanted to know what kind of paper is preferable and how to give such a natural effect of colors in the petals

    • I really like using a metallic paper because it gives a great sheen. I have also used dictionary pages and magazine pages, so anything is possible. It is a great idea to cut the template and use it to trace onto the paper too. My only suggestion for the paper is that you use a text weight rather than card stock as it curls nicer. Does that help?

      • Thanks so much Lia, this helps a lot.

        And please don’t mind if I bother you again with such stupid questions as I am an avid follower and trying to pursue craft professionally 😀

        Thanks again

  52. Hey,

    Wanted to know what kind of paper have you used in making these flowers, I see that the flowers do not seem of one color, how did you do that?

  53. Oh my goodness… this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    I wanted to do something like this but kept searching and searching and couldn’t find anything out there that matched what I envisioned. This is it, you’re fabulous for sharing!

    By any chance – is there a way to change the color(s) of the roses petals? Is there an editing tool or something? I’m doing shades of orange, and was wondering if there’s a way to either create a template myself in orange, or if there’s a way to use your template but print the petals in shades of orange?

  54. there are missing petals in the download

    • Hello Kim. You are looking at the PDF as a preview in your browser window. You will need to download it onto your computer and open the PDF in Acrobat then you can see the complete art and print. Let me know if you still have trouble after following these steps.

  55. Hi would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m going
    to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique.
    P.S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  56. Hi Lia! I’m still practicing making your paper rose flowers. And I’m getting better at it each day. : ) Question: What gauge floral wire do you use? I have one that’s too flimsy and then one that’s a bit too thick and hard to bend etc.

    Thanks again for all of your creative ideas and for sharing them! Best Regards, Nicole

  57. hi Lia! I tried to post a comment and not sure if it came through- sorry if this is a duplicate. I’m making the rose bouquet – if I print one set of the PDF (six pages) how many roses does that give me? I made two. Also, I’m the instructions- you say to skewer 4-6 , should that be 4-7? There is a 7 flower and just want to make sure I’m doing this right. LOVE LOVE LOVE your website!! Thanks – nicole

    • I did respond to your comment, this is what I said: Hello Nicole. So happy you found the blog. :-) The 6 pages are for 3 roses. The three are a slightly different color of pinks and peach. So there are 7 pieces per roses. And yes, thanks for pointing out the typo. I just fixed it. Let me know how it goes.

    • Thanks for checking back in though. I want to make sure you are getting what you need. :-)

      • Oh yes- the comment now shows up- I’m on a ipad so maybe that was it. Anyway thank you so much for replying. I’m learning the more roses you make – the better u get at it. I’m a mess with the glue gun tho! LOL- I do see now that u get three roses. They are so pretty. I’m making barrettes for my flower girls and now thinking headbands too! :) Your blog is def my new favorite! Your pictures are great too- what kind of camera do you have?

        • That is great! You can easily make smaller roses too if you have little girls. My camera is a Canon 5D Mark 2 and I usually use a 50mm 1.8 lens to get the great shallow depth of field.

  58. hi Lia! I came across your website this week and I just adore it! I’ve been practicing making the paper flowers and with each one I’m getting better (and less messy with the glue gun!). I’m getting married in Oct and going to make the rose bouquet- question for you. The PDF is 6 pages and I printed front to back. How many roses does printing pages 1-6 give me? I made two roses- is this correct? Also in the tutorial- you say to skewer flowers 4-6 — should it say 4-7?

    Thanks for you help and direction!! LOVE YOUR SITE!!!

    Best regards- Nicole

    • Hello Nicole. So happy you found the blog. :-) The 6 pages are for 3 roses. The three are a slightly different color of pinks and peach. So there are 7 pieces per roses. And yes, thanks for pointing out the typo. I just fixed it. Let me know how it goes.

  59. What a lovely inspirational site, We love what you are doing with paper. And the photography is just stunning!

  60. Lovely site. I can’t wait to make the roses and gardenias. Also the lavendar epsom salts. Thank you very much.

    I cannot seem to get the rose PDF to download. Maine stops at 17.50 also. It just freezes.

    Could you send a smaller file please?

    Thanks again

  61. These are amazing. I may give this idea a go. Great work :)

  62. Lia – this is so stunning! I don’t follow many but I’m following you. You entire site is elegant! I’ve posted this link for my readers on my paper and crafts blog. Here’s the link:

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent! – Yun

  63. Hello!! I found this website through Jenni @AWell Crafted Party… Will you be coming up to the West Elm in Seattle at all any time soon??

    I would want to ATTEND!!

    • Hi Lindsay! Yes, I was just chatting with the PR company today about scheduling a class in Seattle. I will keep you posted for sure.

  64. can i know the material of paper?

  65. beautiful! is it possible to get these flowers just outlined no pattern?

  66. These paper flowers are GORGEOUS! I clicked on the template PDF and template isn’t very clear. It almost looks like when the template was scanned there was shine on the paper. Is there any way you can email me the template so I can get a clear picture. Thanks so much for sharing the how to design for these amazing flowers!

    • Hi Michelle, I double checked the PDF. If you are looking at it in your browser the image is almost white, but if you download it onto your computer and open the PDF it looks great. The browser window does not give all the image data. Let me know if this is not working for you.

  67. I get married next year, and have been looking all over for paper flowers for my decor and bridesmaids, and this is perfect. Thank you very much. By any chance do you thing the Bird of Paradise flower, is possible to do, also?

  68. I adore your flowers and have been trying and trying to download the PDF but the download keeps sticking at 17.49 MB. I’ve updated my Acrobat, is there a glitch? The leaves downloaded no problem. I also want to thank you for sharing! x

    • It is a very large file. Let me see if I can send you a smaller version.

      • Hi Lia,
        I cannot download the PDF files too. Would you mind share the PDF files (roses + leaves) by email as well ?
        Thanks a lot !!

        • Hi Carrie, You can download the PDF onto your desktop and open it from there. This is the full resolution print and if you are looking at it in your browser window rather than opened from your computer it does not show the full resolution.

  69. These are just beautiful. I have been looking for something different for my wedding and this just may be it. Thank you for the tutorial, I’m going to give it a try and see if they come out as beautiful as yours!

  70. I am truly thankful to your beautiful talent and your such amazing roses. I’m from Pakistan and our family doesn’t have a lot of money at the moment but things will improve soon I hope and that means *with a smile* I don’t either.
    But I have no stops on my dreams. And it’s people like you who are making sure One Dream Some Where is DEFINITELY living because of some thing as simple and beautiful as a Paper Rose. Thank you and lots of Love. May God Bless You Very Very Much In Deed ! Thank you!

    • Thank you for the beautiful note. It really made my day. My years have taught me that money does not bring happiness, but you find it from the inside. :-)

  71. Hello Lia! These look amazing and I’d love to make them, but excuse me since I’m only new to the world of crafts such as this. How do I get the template on both sides of the paper so the petals and leaves are well…colored on both sides?

    • Yes! And I have you covered. The way I set up the template is to have the front print with the petal shapes and the back as a full bleed print. That way there is no issue in aligning the two. You can watch my video on how to make the paper roses and it will show this. Let me know how it goes. :-)

  72. I absolutely love this <3 Going to make this as a nice little addition for Mother's Day. Thank you so much for sharing, I'm super thankful.

  73. Hi Lia – I just purchased all of the supplies to start working on my bouquet, but it appears that the link to the leaves above is actually linked to the petal file. Could you send me a link to the leaves? I can’t wait to get started on these beautiful flowers. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  74. Ufff! These flowers are perfect for my weeding. Thank you so much for the post! Beautiful job!

  75. These are gorgeous! Do you have a blank template? I like the peach and pink, but I was thinking of printing off the template on some funky printed paper to get some wilder flowers. If you do, great!

    Also, whats your Etsy shop name?

    • Hi Amber, I do offer the blank template on my Etsy shop. You just order a custom color and I will send the blank to you.

  76. Какую бумагу вы использовали?
    .Хочу сделать подарок девушке

  77. I love this idea and I would love to use it for my wedding in June 2013. Is it possible for me to use this same design in royal blue or various shades of blue? What kind of paper did you use to put this bouquet together? Thanks so much for publishing this idea. Its beautiful.

    • Hello Latisha, You could use the blank template on different shades of blue paper to create that look. I also do customize through my Etsy shop. You can email me if you want to do this option. lgg at mac dot com.

  78. OMG this is super pretty. I love it so much. And I love your website.

  79. I love this so much! I have been trying to find something like this for my wedding! Is there any way of doing this with white, yellow, orange and red flowers? I’m having an Autumn wedding and want my boquet and the bridesmaids boquets to match the Autumn colours, just because I’m awkward like that!

    • So happy to hear, I will email directly about your request.

      • These are so easy to make and so beautiful! I too am wondering about the color though – Is it possible to get a pattern in teal? I’ve been using teal paper so far but I’m starting to think it’s too bold as a solid colour.

        Thanks for sharing this! This is wonderful and so creative.

        • Hello Melanie. I am able to customize these templates for $5 each in my Etsy shop. Just email me a lgg at mac dot com if you are interested and we can set that up for you.

  80. I really impressed to see that you share all the pretty things that you do !!!!!!!

  81. This is really excellent DIY PAPER ROSE , the sample tutorial it’s good one. i praise for you valuable post.

  82. Wow these are lovely!! Thank you for sharing them

  83. Amazing! Looks like a lot of work but it’s really beautifully done.

  84. Je veux adh

  85. Drooling! Besides being loaded with talent yourself, you make the tutorials so easy to understand. I’m very impressed! When I get home, I’m going to try a rose. :-)

  86. Com sempre , una preciositat !!! jo si que les he pogut descarregar, moltes gràcies ,

  87. I LOVE these and want to make them soon, but cannot download the templates….

  88. Hi Lia, This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I can’t open the files though, doesn’t seem to be ‘clickable’? is that just me?? could you forward me a link please?
    Thanks again, I hope I can make something as special for my wedding! Any chance you do custom printables in different colours for bridesmaids?
    Thanks! Brooke

    • Hello Brooke. Sorry about the broken links. They are fixed now. I am able to do custom colors through my Etsy shop for a small custom fee. If you are interested let me know.

  89. Lia, first of all, your paper flowers are absolutely amazing! second, thank you so much for sharing them as pdf and printables, etc. i read thru previous comments and saw that there was some problem downloading this pdf and that maybe the issue was fixed. however , when i tried to download it this morning, neither of the links work at all. they dont go anywhere. i was trying the link from my reader and then actually came to the blog but, its still not working for me. any ideas?

  90. I would love to make these but I can’t click anywhere on the link…

  91. These are amazing!!

  92. so amazing! I would love to make this for my wedding bouquet, but I doubt I can make it as pretty. :(

  93. This is absolutely stunning!! Such a lovely bouquet and project, thanks so much for sharing :)

  94. This is beautiful. When I tried to download it, I was sent to a Dropbox page. I still couldn’t download your PDFs even after I installed Dropbox. Help?

    • Ok. I was trying DropBox but not anymore. The issue is that WordPress does not upload larger PDFs. I just replaced the link with a smaller resolution file for these, it should work find.

  95. This bouquet is beautiful. I wanted to try my hand at paper flowers and discovered this blof post. However, I am unable to download the PDFs (I get redirected to a page with a locked drop box). Can you please help me troubleshoot what I’m doing wrong?

  96. Thanks so much for sharing.

  97. Amazing! What is letter weight paper? Regular paper? Or is is heavier like cardstock?


  98. This looks so adorable! <3 Amazing tutorial! <3

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