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Printable Labels for a Homemade and Natural Spa Kit

Printable_Spa_Kit_Labels Ahhhh, spaaaa. My house smells so good right now and I wish I could add a little scratch-and-sniff to this post and share it with you all. I am posting twice today because I really want to get these printable labels to you before the weekend! Mother’s Day is a week and a few days away and this homemade spa kit is a perfect gift for her.

The kit includes labels for these recipes: Bath Salts | Face Scrub | Coconut Oil Makeup Remover | Lip Balm | Body Butter | Body Scrub

Homemade_Spa_Kit_and_Lagels Bath_Body_Spa_Kit_DIY The ingredients you will need to make this kit are: Epsom Salt | Pink Sea Salt | Shea Butter | Cocoa Butter | Coconut Oil | Olive Oil | Almond Oil | Lavender Buds . The essential oils you will want are: Lavender | Grapefruit | Geranium | Peppermint. Note that these ingredients in the links will make more than one kit.

DIY_Cocoa_Mint_Lip_Balm Bath_Salt_Tea_Bags For this version of lip balm I did not add a tint but instead included peppermint oil to give a fresh cooling feel. For the bath salt, I placed two scoops into muslin bags to make a bath tea. These bags are washable and refillable once used.

The materials for packaging are: Weck Jars | Lip Balm Tubes | Muslin Bath Tea Bags | Black & White Ribbon | Wood Crate | Full Sheet Labels | Pinking Sheers | 1.5 inch Round Punch | Printable Labels (download button below).

Enjoy making this gorgeous and luxurious kit! I know anyone would love to get this from you. As you can see in the last photo, I was thinking ahead and designed labels for not only Mother’s Day, but for bridal showers, new mothers, birthdays, thanks you gifts and congratulations gifts. This kit is perfect for any occasion. Cheers! ~ Lia

Labels_Spa_Kit Printable_Spa_Kit_Labels_Black_Mint SpaKitButton

  1. I am so happy I found this site on Pinterest! I really wanted to do something special for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day and this is perfect. I was a little apprehensive to make the body butter because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I love it! Also, everything is so easy to make! I will definitely come back to your blog for more inspiration!

  2. Hello! Your items are BEAUTIFUL. I will be making this for my mother whom is battling cancer and my 4 aunts whom I love dearly- all for Mother’s Day.

    What I need to know is which Weck Jars did you use for what so that I can order exactly what you have. Thank you so much!!!

  3. Hey Lia! Congrats on your wonderful work, I got so inspired that i’m going to make these for my mom and grandma. However, I’d like to know which font do you use for these labels? Thank you very much!!

  4. Hi Lia,
    I love this kind of stuff, it’s great for Mother’s Day and I’m planning to use as gifts to my teaching staff during Teacher Appreciation Week.

  5. Hi Lia! I am in love with your labels! I am working on a soap label for a bride in Illustrator and love the main font you used for the BODY SCRUB, FACESCRUB, etc. Would you let us know what fonts you used? I am willing to go pay for them, just thought I would save some time from searching for them :) Thanks!

  6. Hello there! These are absolutely beautiful – made a gorgeous gift! :) Just a quick question – I was hoping to customize the essential oils, and headed over to your Etsy shop to purchase the add-your-own-text version, but then was disappointed to see in the preview that the fonts on that one were quite different than this printable. Is that just something wrong with the preview, or is the preview correct? Would absolutely love to find a editable version of the labels here, but if not I’ll definitely keep using these :) Thanks again!

    • It is because the fonts I originally used are not free fonts so I didn’t want to design an editable version where people had to drop more money to buy the fonts.

  7. Hi there! I’m going to make these as parent gifts for my parent volunteers :) just wondering on the size of the box you put them in?

  8. Hi! I was trying to download the labels for the Lavender Grapefruit Body Butter, but I noticed that it’s only available on the Spa Package Labels. Any suggestions on how I can make a sheet of only body butter labels? Thanks!

  9. Hi there, love this idea! I am going to do this for christmas :) Is the 1.5 punch for cutting out the labels? If not, how are you cutting these so perfectly! Thank you!

    • Hi Allison, I think they will make a perfect Christmas gift. Yes using a punch is definitely my secret:) I can never get the pre-cut round label to line up correctly;-)

  10. I love this! I have a few questions though.. Where did you get the crate from that you put everything in? Where did you find the lip balm tubes or tins? And, is there a store that you could find most of these ingredients in, other than amazon online?

    • Hi, I found the lib balm tubes on Etsy and the crate is from Home Goods a long time ago. Hope you can find it! As for the ingredients I get most of them off Amazon.

  11. Lovely post! Can’t wait to make everything!! Where did you get the metal scoops? Love them.

  12. Thanks lia! I am a little confused though as im new with this whole printing labels deal. Do the white full sheet labels come waterproof? Or do I need to look for one that says specifically waterproof? And how long would u say these labels last with everyday use? And are the spa kit labels you use waterproof as well? And one last thing…(I think) lol..,what brand and color did you use to paint the wooden crate? I absolutely love it! And I’m obsessed with your website Haha! Thanks again

    • Hi. I would recommend looking on-line for waterproof labels, there are lots of options. As for how long they last, I don’t know depends on lifestyle. The good news is that you could always print new ones;-) The crate is painted with chalkboard paint.

  13. hi miss lia i really love the way you package your products. but this label isn’t editable.

  14. Hi Lia! These are awesome! I wanted to know if you use the standard white matte paper or the removable white matte paper? Also I’d like to ask what labeling paper do you use for your french lavendar and grapefruit hand soap?and are those waterproof? Thankyou so much for all your beautiful ideas

  15. These are fantastic! I found your site while searching for some homemade gift ideas with essential oils, and I am so inspired by your beautiful spa kit!! I can’t wait to give these away at Christmas! The only thing is that I was going to use some different oils than you did, would you consider making me some custom labels just like these that I could buy at your etsy store? I checked your store out, but there was nothing similar. Thank you!

  16. Would you be willing to share how to make the tags to edit with my own information?(a program) Your deigns are beautiful,however the spa products I made are different from what you have created

  17. hello I was wanting to knw the type of paper to use for the labels? im just starting out in this and im really not to computer or printer savvy.could you let me knw where I can get the sticky paper for my labels?where is the best place to purchase office max or staples or another kind of stationary place?

  18. Hey Lia! I’m thinking of making these products. Do you know how long the products last for?

    • I think at least 3-4 months. They are made from oils and butters that are not refrigerated or have expiration dates on them. When I see you next I will give you a tube of my lip balm. It is THE BEST. 😉

  19. Where did you get your jars?

    • There is a link in the post for Weck Jars. I get them at a local shop that supplies for canning but I know that Crate and Barrel did carry them for a while too.

  20. How pretty! This would be a great gift idea for any woman, even outside mother’s day!

  21. I can’t seem to download them, it just takes me to the large .jpg file of the box with all the items in it.

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