Copper Wire Pumpkins

This is one of those projects that gives you a lot of freedom to customize your own designs. You can use the techniques in our tutorial create any size of copper wire pumpkins using any thickness of copper wire for different looks. We used a 16 gauge copper wire, but you could also pair thicker wire pumpkins with thinner wire pumpkins to put together a gorgeous fall centerpiece with depth and texture. I also love the idea of using these to style your table settings at a fall dinner party. Download the printable instructions and head to your local hardware store to pick out your materials. I specifically recommend using round nose pliers for these copper wire pumpkins rather than flat pliers. The rounded jaws of the pliers will create softer lines when forming the pumpkin leaves.

Print the PDF template to use as a guide for bending your copper wire. Follow the photo tutorial for visual reference, and then play around with the designs you want to create! The important thing is to coil your wire in a perfect circle, but other than that you can create lots of variation in your copper wire pumpkins. If you are interested in other projects you can make with this copper wire, check out our copper wall art or 3D leaf decor. Pop over to our wheat candle wraps or paper leaf wreath for more fall home decor DIYs. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or get yourself a full year of membership to craft with us through the season. Cheers to you my friends! ~ Lia 

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