cotton spun ball pumpkins

We have made some really pretty pumpkin decor using a variety of materials. Last year we made these cute, little pom-pom pumpkins. And we have also crafted some pumpkins out of frosted paper, felt, copper wire, and velvet. So, yes, there are many ways to craft a pumpkin that you can enjoy all season long! 

These cotton spun ball pumpkins would look cute on your mantel or a console table. You could also create a centerpiece out of them or use them as table decor for your Halloween party. 

Crafting Tips: We made the stems for these cotton spun ball pumpkins using floral bind wire, which we carry in our online shop! Also, if you want to make a larger pumpkin with our large cotton spun balls, thread an 18-gauge wire though the cotton balls after stringing the balls onto the 24-gauge wire; this will help add stability to the pumpkin. 


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