Felt & Fiber


 Beginner  60min

Felt Gnome Hat and HTV Apron Costume

Two women wearing DIY sun and moon headbands for Halloween
 Beginner  Quick

DIY Sun & Moon Headbands

 Beginner  60min +

Felt Owl Mask and Accessories

paper flower Kentucky derby fascinators

Paper Flower Kentucky Derby Fascinators

Boy wearing DIY robot costume for Halloween
 Intermediate  60min

Kids' Felt and Iron-On Vinyl Robot Costume

Lia Griffith wearing DIY concession stand outfit and dog wearing DIY hot dog costume

Felt Hot Dog Costume for Your Pet

Girl sitting on bench wearing DIY ice cream cone costume

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

 Beginner  --

No-Sew Felt Mermaid Headband

DIY Mermaid Costume

dragon costume for your dog

Dragon Costume For Your Dog

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Looking for a unique Halloween costume that's easy to make? We've got you covered with DIY costumes for kids, adults, and even pets! Learn how to make a robot costume, transform into a mermaid, or turn into a cat. For more Halloween fun, take a look at all of our Halloween crafts.
Of course, Halloween isn't the only reason to play dress-up! Our DIY costumes are also great for kids with big imaginations who love to play make-believe. For more creative play ideas, check out our cute selection of felt toys.
Ready to start crafting with us? Become a member of our crafting community! As a member, we'll show you how to save money by making things yourself (like with these DIY costumes!) and create projects your whole family will love.