We used both the extra fine and heavy crepe paper to craft these paper holly leaves. The papers have different looks, but both are equally beautiful. In both the heavy and extra fine papers, we used Juniper. To make the corresponding holly berries, we used 12mm cotton spun paper balls, and the extra fine in Ruby for the berries. If you have any scrap bits laying around, this is the perfect opportunity to use them!


  1. Print the PDF template for the paper holly leaves and cut out each piece as a guide for cutting your crepe. The template indicates the grain line, and there are three sizes of leaves.
  2. After cutting your leaf pieces, layer the two pieces with a slight overlap, and use a low-temp hot glue gun to attach them together. You are welcome to use floral wire here, but it is not necessary.
  3. To add some detailing, we used light green acrylic craft paint to color in the center veins of the leaves.
  4. To make the holly berries, cut a piece of tissue paper in a circle about 1.5″ wide. Place tissue paper over cotton spun ball, then gather on the bottom, twist, and trim ends if needed. Glue in place. Another option is to paint the cotton spun balls with red acrylic paint, and add a light layer of Mod Podge for shine!
  5. Gather 3 berries together and arrange on top of crepe holly leaves; glue in place.

Another option for your berries is to use bind wire! Follow our video tutorial from this Frosted Paper Leaf & Berry Wreath (watch Lia make berries at the 1 minute mark). You can add color with spray paint, or use tissue paper as described above.

Paper Holly Leaves Paper Holly LeavesPaper Holly Leavescrepe_paper_holly_with_berries_0006 crepe_paper_holly_with_berries_0005

As we mentioned, these crepe paper holly leaves make for beautiful gift toppers, but we also love the idea of DIY-ing a cute mini wreath, like our pine needle wreath. For a felt version of holly leaves, find our template here. Browse our floristic crepe projects, or take a look at our paper collections in our online shop! Cheers ~ Lia & team