In my latest Lia Griffith Craft School video tutorial, I show you how to make these full-bloom peonies as well as the peony buds using my heavy crepe paper. You can also use extra fine crepe paper as an alternative.

I also share lots of great flower-making tips in this video! You’ll learn how to stretch, shape, and layer your petals. As you may know, I like to add variety to my petals so they don’t all look the exact same. I’ll go over how I do that as well as how to curl your fringed paper to create the stamen pieces. Finally, I show you how to add sepals and how to tape the stem of your peony.

If you want to make multiple peonies at a time, I also share a tip on how to do that a little more quickly. When you’re ready to make your crepe paper peonies, just gather the tools and materials listed here. Next, download the peony SVG cut file or printable template below. Then watch my video tutorial on how to make crepe paper peonies.


Watch the video tutorial above to learn how to make crepe paper peonies in fall colors.

crepe paper peonies in fall colors

crepe paper peonies in gold geometric vase   crepe paper peonies in fall colors in gold vase