There’s so much you can do with macrame cord! We have made plant holders, wall art, necklaces, and more out of this simple craft material. This month our designer Meagan has come up with a macrame blanket strap that can also function as a yoga mat strap.

This is a great beginner project and you can follow our tutorial to make your own version. All you need are scissors, macrame cord in your favorite colors, and two wooden rings.

macrame blanket holder

Knot your Average Blanket Strap

Most blanket carriers are made out of leather, so we decided to do something different and create a macrame version. Another fun thing about this macrame blanket strap is that you can also use it to carry your yoga mat — or hang it up on a hook. Either way, it will come in handy if you’re practicing yoga outdoors or taking a blanket outside to sit on for a picnic.

To make your macrame blanket strap (or yoga strap!), you will need to know how to do a wrapped knot, square knot, square knot sinnet, and switch knot. If you’re a member and new to macrame, make sure to check out our mini course on macrame knots for beginners.

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How to Make a Macrame Blanket Strap

  1. Gather your craft  tools and materials. Then download our full photo tutorial below.
  2. Cut two 14 foot lengths each of orange and pink cord, cut four 26 foot lengths of white cord.
  3. Fold each cord in half, and string through the wooden hoop. Arrange cords in order of two white, two pink, two orange, two white.
  4. Cut a 2-foot length of white cord; tie a wrapped knot around all of the cords. The wrap should be about 2” push knot snug against the wooden hoop.

Full tutorial available for members. Join here!

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