Macrame Christmas Tree

We love this macrame Christmas tree because you can get especially creative with decorating it. Because the tree has poplar wood shelves, you can adorn them with some of your favorite holiday botanicals and decor. The design came to life with the help of our PR maven and macrame crafter, Emily. Start by downloading the PDF below with our full materials list and instructions. We also included plenty of photos to help you along the way! Gather your poplar wood and cotton clothesline materials. The poplar is 3/4 inches thick and 5 1/2 inches wide, but your local hardware store probably has a huge selection of sizes to choose from. Once you pick out your wood, you can head over to their Workbench area to have your pieces cut. You can customize your design, but we included 6 shelves in our macrame Christmas tree.

The macrame part of this project is just a series of rotating square knots. Find our square knot tutorial here, or follow the tutorial in the download below. The technique for making this DIY Christmas tree is to work from the top down. Rig up your clothesline to the metal ring and then begin tying. There are 25 knots between each shelf, and the more precise you can be here the more professional your macrame Christmas tree will look. The best part of this project is that you can leave it up past the holidays and change the decor as you transition through the seasons. In the most basic sense, this really is just a DIY shelving project!

We styled our tree with dried pine branches and our crepe pomegranate ornaments. To bring in the brightness of the holidays, we added an assortment of white candles to keep it simple. After the holidays are over, you can take down your Christmas accents and add pretty flowers or even family photos. Now that we’ve shared our three trees, it is hard for us to decide which one we like best! Feel free to let us know your favorite in the comments 🙂 Browse all of our Christmas projects for more inspiration, or take a look at our membership page to start crafting with us. Happy Holidays! ~ Lia and the Team

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  • 3/16″ clothesline or 4mm macrame cord
  • ¾” X 5 1/2” Poplar wood cut to 6 lengths: 4” 12” 20” 28” 36” 44” (Drill holes in 4 corners)
  • Metal ring