Paper Shamrock Wreath

Crafting your Wreath

Making a paper shamrock wreath is extremely easy, especially if you have a cutting machine. Download the SVG file to use with your machine, or print the PDF version if you are cutting by hand. To make the process a bit easier you can also print the template directly onto your green paper and cut from there. The template includes two sizes of shamrocks, so cut a good mix of both. The amount of shamrocks you need to cut depends on how large your embroidery hoop is. You can find a variety of sizes at your local craft store.

When you have your shamrocks and your hoop ready, you can begin gluing the paper clovers directly to the wood. Cover the entire hoop with the shamrocks all moving the in the same general direction, loosely alternating in size. That’s it! Once you are finished, you can hang it up with a pretty green ribbon.

More Craft Inspiration

Another way to craft up some shamrocks this spring is with our tutorial for crepe paper clovers. If you want to spread some cheer this St. Patrick’s Day, the easiest way to do it is with clover treat boxes. Browse all of our St. Patrick’s Day projects for inspiration, or head to our membership page to start downloading. We love getting you in on the creative process, so always feel free to add your project requests and suggestions to the comments below. Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team




  • Text Weight Paper – Lime Satin; Botanic & Fairway are discontinued – use Lia Griffith Frosted Craft Paper – Conifer Pack)