One of our favorite tropical leaves to play around with is the monstera. Over the years, we have taken this single leaf and transformed it into many beautiful pieces of home decor using a variety of craft materials. For example, we have used our monstera leaf template to create tropical wreaths out of paper, make clay drop dishes, and paint some artwork to hang on our walls. Every now and then we like to experiment with copper wire, too, so today we are showing you how to make these wire monstera leaves to create some pretty framed art.

If you have not made any of our copper wire crafts before, this is a great beginner project. Just download our monstera leaf template below and watch our video tutorial to make your own tropical leaf art. 

copper wire tropical leaf art

Metallic Monstera

No matter what your decorating style is like, metallic accents are a great way to pull the look of your room together. These copper wire monstera leaves will brighten up your home a bit while also adding a little warmth. And you can even display them in a variety of ways. We placed ours in a dark gray frame to make the copper stand out and surrounded it with some bolder pops of color from our paper fan palm leaves. Another option is to make the stems longer and put them in a vase or hang them directly on your wall.

Not only are these copper wire monstera leaves gorgeous, but they are also very easy to make — and a fun project for kids to try, too! We would say that young crafters around the age of 10 could do this project on their own with some guidance from you if needed. Just print out a few templates to turn this project into a family activity, and then share everyone’s creations with us by emailing them to or tagging #MadeWithLia on Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. Download and print the monstera leaf template below. Tape paper template down to your work surface.
  2. Straighten out some of the coiled wire; do not cut the wire until you have finished shaping your leaf.
  3. Beginning at one end of the leaf template, start shaping the wire into the leaf form.
  4. Use the round nose pliers at sharper bends where you are not able to bend the wire using your fingers.
  5. Cut wire when you have reached the other endpoint on the leaf template.

copper wire monstera leaves framed art for mantel