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DIY Crepe Paper Peonies

DIY Crepe Paper Peonies DIY Paper Peonies UPDATE: I now have a full video class for this paper peony. You can find it in this post:

I have a lot of beloved flower favorites, but at the top of that list is the peony. There are so many varieties in colors and form that I could design another dozen version of peonies in paper quite easily. You may remember the peony I posted last fall using the watercolor design onto printer paper, or this version where I make them from simple cupcake wrappers. These are both very pretty and fun for different uses. This set of crepe peonies is my test run for a wedding this summer. We are going to include the pale cream and blush peonies into a live bouquet with garden roses to give the English garden feel. What do you think?

Working with floral crepe is fun and quite simple. A few tips I will pass: First, there is a difference in crepe paper weights and therefore the amount of stretch it will have. For these outer peony petals, it is important that they can stretch enough to have a rounded cup shape and the floral crepe works much better than a lighter craft crepe. Second tip is to make sure you cut along the grain. On my pattern below I have included grain lines to show you the direction to place and cut. My third tip for this flower specifically, is that since the flower head is very heavy when I have applied off of the petals, it is important to use the additional support of the three leaves on their own floral wire stems. You can see the details of adding the leaves in the tutorial below. My last tip is about the floral tape. It will work best if you glue the ends of the tiny leaves surrounding your bloom base onto the wire and begin your wrap over the top of the green paper leaves. I even added just a touch of glue to keep it in place as I twisted the tape down the wire. Remember to activate the stick of the tape you must gently stretch as you wrap. 

For these peonies I used the 180 gram florist crepe that you can find here at Carte Fini. Each roll will make 2-3 of these large peony blooms and the colors I used are cream and sweet pea for the petals and french vanilla for the center of the flowers. I used the green leaf for the leaves on the flower stems and added sage crepe leaves to fill out the bouquet. For the stems I used a simple floral wire (any gauge, but thicker will be stronger) and mid green floral tape. You can find these at your craft supply store. 

I am so excited about these peonies as the crepe has given me the look I was wanting to that large lush wedding style of peony. I will share the final wedding photos with you here this fall so stay tuned! ~ Lia

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  1. Thanks Lia, it worked. Can’t wait to try this!!

  2. These are beautiful. I can’t seem to get the template from the link though – I can only see a jpeg of the tutorial. Can you help?

  3. The pdf template link seems to be broken as it loops back to the picture tutorial but doesn’t go to the pattern. Please help!

  4. Where can I get the pattern of these petals? Thank you.

  5. Hi Lia! I’m going to do these pretty poenies for an especial opposition but I don’t know how to find and print the flowers. Can you show me or give me the link? Thank you :)

  6. I am going to tackle these for my wedding centerpieces–they are so gorgeous! Before I buy, what is the final estimation on how many flowers I can get from each sheet?

    • How fun!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! Each roll of the Crepe Paper I purchase from Carte Fini will make 2-3 of these large peony blooms.

  7. Oh, how lovely! I find so much more to adore in these peonies–with their handmade quality and defining grain–than in any silk flowers I have ever seen. I plan to make a bunch with shades of orange and peach to go against my navy room. Thank you, Lia, for your thoughtfulness in putting this DIY together!

  8. Hello Lia,

    I was very hard pushed to decide which flowers to make – peonies have won for now :-)
    Is the cream on Carte Fini the same as the Ivory on the crepe paper site? I am very excited to try these – THANK YOU!

  9. Hi Lia!
    I am debating whether to purchase from Paper Mart or Carte Fini. I saw that you posted that Paper Mart isn’t floral crepe paper on an earlier post. What does that mean in terms of how the flower turns out, if I use the Paper Mart crepe paper?

    • Paper Mart has craft crepe which does not have as much stretch and is thinner. You can make pretty flowers from their crepe, it will just look more crafty. The colors are also a bit more saturated and less soft.

  10. Hello! I am ordering 32 rolls for my upcoming wedding for the actual petals, but I am unsure about how many roles of yellow and green I should order for the inside of the flower and the petals. Advice?

  11. That is wonderful! I would like to know when it is available for purchase. Please put me on the email list when it out. Thank you very much.
    Warm Regards,
    Migdalia Cosme

  12. I’ve been making a lot of these for my May 2015 wedding. I plan on cursing them for my center pieces. They have came out beautifully! My friends and fiancé have been really impressed with the amount of detail. I just have one question. Do you have advice/suggestion on how to store paper flowers before my wedding. I plan on making about 60 of these and about 100 coffee filter roses.

    • Congratulations! Please share pictures with us!!!! I would put them in boxes, protected the edges so they don’t get crushed, don’t over-pack and close the lid so they don’t get dusty. And of course keep them out of the rain;-)

  13. You need to write a book ! All your flowers are fantastic !!!

  14. I am absolutely blown away of your talent. Thank you so much!
    This ideed is beautiful! I love it! PUerto Rico Nov 10 2014

  15. I made a bunch of these for my wedding bouquet. Thank you so much for the tutorial and template!

  16. Hello Lia,
    Why can i not find The pattern for The peonys ?

    • It is at the end of the post. Look for the grey ribbon button that says download and print. Also, there is a video tutorial for this peony. Just look in my videos dropdown.

  17. I love these. Looking for an idea for a friend undergoing chemo. This may just be what I need! Thank you!!

  18. I have been making flowers out of crepe paper,paper napkins, and construction paper a while ago. I stopped when I had too many flowers. now I came upon your crepe paper flower. now I am wanting to make some. thanks I need to get some more made. I gave away most of what I made. thanks . Martha Lofton

  19. These look absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to try this! But, may I ask for clarification? You state that each roll from the Crepe Paper Store makes 2-3 blossoms, but according to their web site, each roll is 19 inches by 8 feet in length, which seems like quite a bit of paper to only get 2-3 blooms. Am I missing something? Thanks so much!

    • Thanks Amy! I will be honest, I did not measure or use a whole roll, so the likely hood of you getting more than 3 blossoms is high. I am going to guess (generously) 2 feet per bloom makes 4 flowers, but you may be able to get more. I have a class I am teaching and at that point will know exactly how many per roll. ;-+

  20. Gorgeous, as always!

  21. They are so beautiful, you have a gift.

  22. Also wanted to add my favorite crepe paper suppliers!

    You cannot beat Paper Mart’s prices. They are based in California and have lots of colors to choose from. They are the only ones I’ve found with a peach colored crepe paper.

    Carte Fini is Italian Crepe paper and is available on Amazon. Their prices are higher than paper mart, but similar to The Crepe Paper store listed in this post.Overall Carte Fini has the BEST colors I’ve seen from any crepe paper store. All the colors are muted and look very natural which is perfect for flowers. They also sell other paper flower making supplies.

    Happy paper flower making!

    • Thanks Hope. The crepe that Paper Mart sells is a craft grade rather than a floral grade, hence the low prices. They are also out of stock and looking for a new supplier. I have all of their papers though. Carte Fini is the same brand that they sell at Crepe Paper Store. It seems the Amazon prices are a little higher, but you can buy directly from the Carte Fini site as well. Yes, this brand is the best and all that I use for the more detailed flowers. I also did a little bleach dip on the pale pink blooms. Crushing on crepe. 😉

  23. Just wanted to let you know that I’m LOVING this tutorial and pattern! I’ve made a few for my wedding and plan to make more. I printed out the template in different sizes (as small as 55% copy ratio) and am hoping to be able to make a variety of sizes for the personal flowers at my wedding! I’ve bought numerous books on making crepe paper flowers and used other tutorials and none have been as simple and beautiful as these. These will be the only flowers I will use for my bouquet!

    • Thanks Hope! I have tried to see what else is out there for patterns and I agree that this one is my favorite. Can I say that since it is mine? Haha. My pattern makes a very large bloom so reducing it for variation is brilliant!

  24. wooow these are so beautiful and pretty!
    i have made as well in my 18th many crepe paper flowers, but they weren’t so pretty as yours;-D
    thank you for the sharing and the greate tute and templates.

  25. These are utterly gorgeous Lia! These blooms look so real!

  26. Gorgeous. .. peonies were my wedding flowers. .. never heard of this type of crepe paper… where do you buy it?

  27. Lia I love all of your paper flowers. They are phenomenal. Thank you for always sharing.
    Denise x

  28. these are so pretty, I’m limited to the supplies I can get so I’ll have to try these with regular crepe paper, I’ll let you know how they turn out!! I also just adore peonies but we dont get them where I live :( so I’ll have to make some crepe ones instead!! I can’t wait for more flower tutorials/templates!! I just love them! :)

    • If you can swing two rolls of the crepe from the link, you could paint your inside pieces. The less expensive paper has less stretch, but they still make pretty flowers. Let me know how it goes.

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