It doesn’t seem like flowers should bloom during the cold winter months, but this one does! That’s what makes it so special. If you don’t feel like gardening during winter, try making this crepe paper Hellebores (or Christmas rose) to enjoy indoors.

Another reason to make this flower out of paper is that it’s toxic to cats and dogs. So if you want to have a Hellebores in your home, and you have a pet, make sure to craft one out of paper or felt! Another pet-friendly flower you can craft for the holiday season is our crepe paper poinsettia flower or wreath.

Once you’re ready to make this crepe paper Christmas rose, just gather the tools and materials listed below. Then download our SVG file or PDF template and follow our tutorial. If you have any questions while crafting, just ask!

How to Make a Christmas Rose (Hellebores)

  1. Gather the tools and materials above. Then download our Hellebores SVG file or PDF template at the bottom of this post.
  2. Using your scissors or cutting machine, cut your crepe paper according to the template notes.
  3. Cut your 26-gauge white wire into seven 4.5″ pieces. Apply hot glue to tip and hold upside down until dry to make stamen.
  4. Dip stamen tip into the satin paint and set aside to let dry.

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Hellebores flowers in geometric vase Pink and purple Hellebore flowers (Christmas rose)


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