Magnolias are such a lovely sight to see during spring and throughout summer. While we have made magnolia branches for springtime, we have crafted most of our paper magnolia flowers during fall and winter. You may have seen our magnolia leaf garland that we made last year for Christmas. And then the year before that, we decorated our Christmas tree with these glittery gold magnolia blooms. Once again, we’ve decided to make some gorgeous crepe paper magnolias during the month of December!

Unlike our magnolia leaf garland and our flowers sprinkled with gold glitter, today’s DIY version isn’t overly Christmasy. Right now, these crepe paper magnolias are sitting in a vase in our studio—looking absolutely stunning! If you do want to incorporate them into your décor this December, we could see these flowers adding an elegant look to your holiday table. But really, you could keep these beauties out all year long if you wanted to.

Marvelous Magnolias

If you do want some ideas for how to use magnolias to decorate for the holiday season, though, we’ve got you covered. In addition to putting your crepe paper magnolias in a vase on your table, you can make some blooms for a magnolia wreath, create a garland for your mantel, or add them to your Christmas tree.

These crepe paper magnolias are more of an advanced flower, so if you’re just starting out, you may want to attempt something simpler. As far as time goes, it took our designer Meagan about 30 minutes to make these magnolias. But we could see it taking a bit longer than that—depending on your skill level, of course! I personally love taking the time to craft magnolias during December because they bring me such peace and joy.

Whether you make these magnolias or decide to craft a different flower this month, we want to see what you create! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MadeWithLia when you share your pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Happy crafting! ~ Lia and team

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How to Make Crepe Paper Magnolias

  1. Gather craft tools and materials. Then download the magnolia pattern at the end of this post.
  2. Using fusible interfacing, iron the brown extra fine crepe paper and the double-sided green crepe paper together with the darkest green facing out.
  3. Apply mod podge to the green side of the crepe paper you previously fused together (see this video for instructions!)
  4. Cut out the crepe paper according to the template notes using your scissors or Cricut Maker.

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Photo tutorial for crepe paper magnolias by Lia Griffith

Person holding crepe paper magnolias
crepe paper magnolias on grey sheet next to brown ribbon and scissors
creamy white crepe paper magnolias in grey vase on copper table
person holding crepe paper magnolias
white crepe paper magnolia flowers with green leaves
white crepe paper magnolias in grey vase on copper table
white crepe paper magnolia flowers in grey vase on grey stool
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