fox_felt_gift_topperFor those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I am in London this week debuting my new paper craft kits. Very exciting! Trips like this always throw off my blog schedule, so my plan to start my series of felt animals has been delayed for a few day. Let’s get started with the felt fox. How cute is this? Using the template, this little guy is quite simple to assemble. I used wool blend felt from Benzie Design’s Etsy shop in the colors of Lucky Penny for the red fox, white and black and the scarf in Blue Spruce. Once all the felt pieces were cut, you can use a hot glue or craft glue to attach the small pieces of detail. Blanket stitch the outer edge of the fox, add a little stuffing and you are done with the adorable buddy. He is ready to add to the top of a holiday gift or hang on the Christmas tree. NOTE: If I were to make a second fox, I would assemble the tail separate from the body and attach on back of fox body after both pieces are complete. Enjoy! ~ Lia

P.S. I am giving you a sneak peek of all of the little animals we will be sharing in the next week.

DIY_Felt_Fox Felt_Fox_Tutorial