Hellebore has become my favorite winter flower, and I am planning to plant quite a few in my new garden. We have already designed a single hellebore out of frosted paper as well as a crepe paper version and another in felt. So for our November collection, I decided to make a frosted paper double hellebore.

The double hellebore is a fuller bloom with an extra one or more rows of petals. And it’s very easy to recreate using our flower pattern below. 

frosted paper double hellebore

Double the fun

While these frosted paper double hellebore flowers are pretty on their own, you can also add some paper greenery and gold berries like we did to create a beautiful winter bouquet. You can find the pattern to make the paper greenery in our November Member Make post. And the berries are from our crepe paper holiday magnolia.

Crafting tips: Because of the tiny details of the stamen, I highly recommend a cutting machine for this flower. I also find that our needle-nose tweezers are a great way to remove the delicate pieces from the sticky cutting mat. That being said, we always include a PDF template for those of you who want to cut your flowers by hand.

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How to Make Frosted Paper Double Hellebore Flowers 

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the flower template or SVG file below.
  2. Cut your paper petals, leaves, and centers. While the pieces are still on the mat, use a lime marker to paint tips of flower centers. For the pale green flowers, cut petals from white paper and color with Bright Yellow Green PanPastel on both sides.
  3.  Gently shape both center pieces with your curling tool.
  4. Glue center strip around tip of wire with tips curling inward.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

frosted paper hellebore flower bouquet
frosted paper double hellebore flowers
DIY frosted paper hellebore bouquet
handmade frosted paper double hellebore flowers

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