Door and Window Decor:
This is the first thing your students will see as they enter your classroom, so it’s a good opportunity to set the mood. My favorite door hanging is a classic halloween character. We call him Mr. Bones and he is quite the friendly skeleton. He’s about a foot and a half and all you need is cardstock and brads to put the skeleton together. Add some haunted house window clings or black cat and ghost window clings to your Halloween classroom decor and you be making all the other teachers jealous of your decorating skills 😉 
Mr. Paper Bones door decorationHalloween window cling
Garlands and Banners:
Garlands and banners are really easy ways to display some Halloween classroom decor without having to go all out. Print our free Happy Halloween banner to hang on a wall or whiteboard, or create your own Halloween themed garland. String together our black crow cut outs into a garland, or find our other papercut Halloween garlands including skeletons, ghosts, bats and cats. I also love the idea of creating a fun 3D garland with our paper pumpkins
DIY Halloween GarlandMake a paper pumpkin
Paper Decorations:
Over the years we have created a great collection of paper decorations that are perfect for quick Halloween classroom decor. They can go together as a set or you can pick and choose your favorites. You can browse our whole Halloween section, by my personal favorites are the papercut spider webs, flying bats and black cats. Simply cut them out and then they are ready for hanging. 
3D Decor: 
For the more time consuming yet show stopping Halloween classroom decor, we have vinyl decals to decorate pumpkins and a full tutorial on how to make life-size ghosts! These are also great activities to do with your students if you want to spend an afternoon crafting. You can find all the materials you need for these projects at your local craft store and you can even create your own vinyl designs for the pumpkins. Trick or Treat Yoself decalDIY Muslin Ghotsts
Classroom Treats: 
Let’s be honest–Halloween is all about the candy, and teachers can usually win some popularity points by handing out candy on Halloween. You can dress up your Halloween treats with adorable treat boxes or wraps for extra fun. Our bat treat boxes or haunted house treat cartons are both great options if you want to place one on each student’s desk for the day. If you don’t want to get your students too hopped up on sugar during class, you can always hand out your treats as they are leaving for the day. Wrap a piece of candy in our Halloween candy huggers, or fill a little paper coffin with themed sweets that they can take home.   
dscf1549Halloween candy decorationsFor more Halloween classroom decor inspiration, check out all of our Halloween projects and head to our membership page to join our crafting community. Happy Halloween! ~ Lia