You may have noticed that I love certain inspirational quotes. And because I truly think it makes a difference to surround yourself with positive messages that empower you, I like to find ways to incorporate these quotes into our craft projects. Iron-on designs are a simple way to do this. So today we are sharing some iron-on designs that you can download and use with heat transfer vinyl to create custom tees or tanks with short inspirational quotes.

These short inspirational quotes are: “Love unites,” “Perfectly imperfect,” BeYouTiful”,  and “Free your mind.” You will find all four designs in the PDF and SVG cut file at the end of the post — along with a bonus iron-on design not pictured here!

Express Yourself

Sometimes it just takes a couple of simple words to create a larger impact or spread a deeper message. For example, “Free your mind” could relate to being more mindful and in the moment, taking time to relax and allowing any worries to drift on by, or letting go of something that is holding you back. Seeing these positive messages can be empowering — for you and others!

We chose these short inspirational quotes because we’re all about spreading love, positivity, and creativity. And we think these tanks do just that! You can make a few tops for yourself, a family member, or a friend who’s in need of a feel-good message or positive reminder.

Another fun idea is to have a crafty night with friends where everyone makes their own top. I personally love the “BeYouTiful” tank and even wore it to our studio the other day. You can use the same colors of heat transfers as we did or choose your favorites—and same goes for the tanks (or tees) of course!

We would love to hear which short inspirational quotes are your favorites, so comment below and let us know which ones you like best! You can make these tanks in no time at all with a cutting machine and our SVG file. Or you can cut by hand with our PDF template.

Once you are finished making your tank, you can continue to spread the positivity online by posting a picture of your top (or of you wearing it) and tagging #MadeWithLia. We could all use some more kind words and inspirational reminders, right? Enjoy! ~ Lia and team




Use our SVG file to cut your design on a cutting machine (don’t forget to mirror the design before cutting!). Or use the PDF if you plan to cut by hand. Weed the design, then place the finished HTV directly on top of your tank or t-shirt. Follow the directions on the vinyl packaging for specific heating instructions.

"BeYouTiful" iron-on tank "Free Your Mind" iron-on tank "Love Unites" iron-on tank "perfectly imperfect" iron-on tankCute custom tanks with iron-on designs featuring positive messages"BeYouTiful" iron-on tank"Free Your Mind" iron-on tank

Tanks with DIY iron-on designs featuring short inspirational quotes

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