Practice This Cactus

We’ve rounded up nine of our best DIY succulent projects to tickle both your cactus and crafting fancies! Succulents are presently such a trendy accessory in home decor. Why not make a few faux plants that can last forever? Try some in paper, felt, metal, and more!

In this round-up, you’ll discover:

  1. Seven Paper Succulents
  2. Felt Succulent Vertical Garden
  3. Leather Prickly Pear
  4. Jumbo Paper Succulents
  5. Copper Succulents
  6. Paper Succulent Wreath
  7. Crepe Paper Succulents
  8. Vellum Air Plants
  9. Felt Succulent Decor

Scroll down to explore. Once you’ve mastered our seven paper succulents, make them into a variety of centerpieces and/or a wreath. Having fun with the felt? Try them as wall hangings. While you’re at it, give a few leather and metal potted pieces a go as well. All of our succulent templates and tutorials are surprisingly simple… Cactus practice makes for fast and fun crafting magic!

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Seven Paper Succulents

Felt Succulent Vertical Garden

Felt Succulent Vertical Garden

leather prickly pear plant

Leather Prickly Pear

Jumbo Paper Succulents

DIY Concrete Planters

Copper Succulents


Paper Succulent Wreath


Crepe Paper Succulents

Paper Air Plants

Vellum Air Plants


Felt Succulent Decor