These flowers are quite simple to make—just watch my video tutorial below to see for yourself! You can use your crepe paper ranunculus flower kit to craft this exact bouquet. Or, you can get creative with it and use your paper flowers in a variety of ways.

If you want some examples of how else you can use your flowers, one idea is to combine the crepe paper flowers you’ve made from different kits to create a stunning bouquet. I recently did this with four of my flower kits and made this vintage garden bouquet!

Besides looking beautiful in bouquets, ranunculus flowers are also a great addition to a DIY wreath or flower crown. We have also used them to make gift toppers and wall art! No matter how you use your flowers, we’d love to see the finished result. So make sure to share your pictures on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.

For more flower templates and tutorials, join our crafting community. We have more ranunculus blooms as well as other types of flowers and plants! You can also browse our YouTube channel for more paper flower tutorials.


Once you’ve purchased your crepe paper ranunculus flower kit, simply follow the step-by-step tutorial included in the kit. Or watch the video below!


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