Dancing Daffodils!

Daffodils are such an honest, innocent flower aren’t they? My front garden is full of them this time of year and for me those pretty yellow petals encircling that bright trumpet cone just scream “Spring Is Here!” I haven’t shared a daffodil tutorial before and in developing this project I wanted to share something that was easy to achieve by everyone, no matter what your level of skill or size of your craft stash. All you’ll need to make your own crepe paper daffodils is a couple of rolls of paper, floral wire, floral tape, scissors and glue – simple!

Let’s Get Started

Today’s flower is made from crepe paper.  I’ve chosen a bright green for the leaves a deep yellow for the inside of the the flower. Those pale yellow petals made from an Eggnow color encircling the rich golden cup center add an extra dose of cheer to this popular bloom. You can swap the yellows around on a few of the blooms just to add a little extra interest. I’ve potted my daffodils which makes this project great to make for a friend or just to pop on your windowsill to brighten up the room. You could just as easily place them in your favorite vase instead. However you choose to make your own crepe paper daffodils I know you’ll find this tutorial simple to follow and easy to achieve. Crepe paper is wonderful to work with and can be easily manipulated with your fingers. My only piece of advice would be to use a really good sharp pair of scissors so that you’re getting a nice, clean line in your paper and use a low temp glue gun.

More Happy Daffies

Since publishing this post, we have also created a pattern for this gorgeous crepe paper double daffodil using our own line of extra fine crepe papers. Have fun and Happy Spring everyone! ~ Lia

Daffodils_Crepe_Paper_DIY DIY_Crepe_Paper_Daffodils Crepe_Paper_Daffodils_DIY Daffodils_DIY_Crepe_Paper CrepeDaffodilTutorial