SpringTop10The first day of spring is set for March 20 and I could not be more excited. Spring is a time for renewing, emerging, and blossoming! Colors start to get brighter and everything just seems to have a happier and more positive energy. Sunshine can make all the difference! In honor of spring, I decided to make a list of my top 10 paper designs for spring flowers in preparation for the season. 

Daffodils are one of those flowers that are a classic sign that the season is turning. I can’t help but have a smile on my face when I see that bright and sunny yellow hue! I have two varieties of daffodil designs, one using crepe paper and one using metallic paper. Both are beautiful and perfect to place in a pretty vase for your DIY home decor. You can even make a bouquet mixing the two materials! 

Spring FlowersDaffodil paper flowerTulips:
I absolutely love tulips. To me, they are one of the happiest spring flowers. They grow in almost every color of the rainbow! They are beautiful in every stage that they bloom and I have always preferred them to receiving roses. I designed my crepe tulips in a pretty purple and yellow, but you can choose any color of crepe that you like. I also have a paper version that includes a pinkish red watercolor wash to add some lovely texture. 

Spring FlowersSpring FlowersBlooming Branches:
As I mentioned earlier, spring is a time for blossoming and blooming. And this means that it is the season for blooming branches! I have always thought that blooming branches have a quiet elegance. Their branches are strong and their flowers are delicate. For the little flowers I decided that using tissue paper would be best to resemble how they appear in nature. This project would make for a beautiful centerpiece for your dinner table or a party! 

Tissue Paper Blooming BranchesCherry Blossoms:
Similar to the blooming branches are the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan, and in Japanese culture they symbolize the ephemeral nature of life. What a beautiful reminder to cherish every moment! I love the gorgeous blush pink color of the blossoms, and crepe paper is the best material to do this justice. 
Spring FlowersApple Blossoms:
If you were looking for a branch project with a larger bloom, you can also check out my apple blossom branches, which are just as perfect for a display of spring flowers! Scatter them around your table setting for a beautiful floral accent. 

Spring FlowersCamellias:
Camellia flowers are the fragrant plants originating in China and Japan used for brewing teas. They bloom in a whole variety of richly vibrant colors and I love them because they are large spring flowers just bursting with petals. Be sure to use metallic paper to make these special blooms and style them as branches or use them for gift toppers. Of course, they would be perfect for decorating a Mother’s Day brunch!  

PaperCamelliaGarlandTNPurple Orchids:
Orchids make for a wonderful house plant all year round, and this design features dendrobium orchids in a rich purple that is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring. I love the fact that orchids have such thick stems because it makes them so unique. So make sure you get a thicker floral wire for this project! 

Spring FlowersDogwood: 
Dogwood branches are another design that I have made in both crepe and text weight paper. Both are visually stunning, and so pretty to style in vases for your DIY home decor. The crepe version conveniently comes with a video tutorial to follow while the metallic paper version has a playful hint of pink on the petals. 

Spring FlowersSpring FlowersRanunculus:
Yellow has always been THE color to symbolize spring because it is so cheery. Ranunculus, adorably known as buttercups, begin to flower in spring and hang around through summer. Spring flowers that I can enjoy for two entire seasons? I’m not complaining! My ranunculus design comes in yellow and pink, including beautiful watercolor washes for each.

DIY Paper RanunculusFreesia:
Freesias are typically planted outdoors in the fall so that they can bloom just in time to be considered spring flowers. Freesias are gorgeous and grow in a wide variety of colors. You can incorporate freesias into any color scheme, which is why they are so popular for wedding bouquets and arrangements. And of course they smell incredible! So please allow me to use this spring flowers list as the perfect opportunity to introduce my newest paper flower design: the freesia! Check back this week to see the full post with a template and tutorial for this lovely spring bloom!

Now go get yourself ready for the season by making a gorgeous bouquet of paper spring flowers! ~ Lia