Crepe Paper Paradise

We’ve rounded up ten of our best DIY crepe paper flowers from 2017. Crepe paper flowers are our specialty here at the Lia Griffith studio… We always have so much fun coming up with new patterns and LOVE the truly artful results of each and every flower. No matter your experience level, we have a wonderful selection of projects for you! Try our roses if you’re newer to the world of crepe and work your way up to some of our pretty peony patterns. Many of these projects call for crepe paper from our online shop, so get prepared and start shopping now. 

Click here for our beginner’s guide on how to make crepe paper flowers.

Scroll through to discover these ten DIY crepe paper flower projects:

  1. Cosmos Flowers
  2. Orange Blossoms
  3. Jumbo Peonies
  4. Rose Buds
  5. Simple Crepe Paper Flower (video)
  6. Gardenia (video)
  7. Double-sided Anemone (video)
  8. Magnolia Branch (video)
  9. Double Daffodils
  10. Oriental Poppies (video)

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Crepe Paper Cosmos

Cosmos Flowers

Paper Orange Blossom

Orange Blossoms

Giant Peony

Jumbo Peonies

Crepe Rose Buds

Rose Buds

Simple Crepe Paper Flower

Wedding Flowers

Crepe Paper Gardenia


Crepe Paper Anemone Flowers

Double Sided Anemones

Crepe Paper Magnolia Branch

Magnolia Branch

Crepe Paper Double Daffodils

Double Daffodils

Crepe Paper Poppies

Oriental Poppies