If you want to add some tropical flavor to your life, we have plenty of tropical DIY projects that you can use to incorporate into your home decor or to organize a fabulous tropical themed party. Tropical decor, especially anything with pineapple designs, has been all the rage lately. Now that summer is here, it is the perfect time to indulge in some tropical fun!  

Of course I have to start this list of tropical DIY projects with some handcrafted flowers. Up first is the gorgeous crepe paper hibiscus! Whenever I think of a hibiscus flower, I think of wearing the beautiful blooms in my hair. They are so stunningly vibrant and can be used in so many ways. Sprinkle a couple of blooms on your mantel to celebrate summer, or make hairpieces and boutonnieres to wear to a beachy party. You can even hang one from the rearview mirror of your car to take a piece of tropical magic with you everywhere you go. If you would rather craft a DIY flower out of felt, our felt plumeria template is the way to go. These could also be easily attached to a bobby pin to clip into your hair, or incorporated into a centerpiece for a tropical party. As an added bonus, our tutorial shows you how to make pretty refrigerator magnets out of these felt plumerias to give your kitchen some tropical DIY accents!

Because I love entertaining, I always encourage the idea of throwing a summer luau party. A great way to show off your tropical DIY projects is by hosting a themed celebration! If you want to plan your own get-together, our luau party invitations are a great starting point. Customize them with all of your event details and mail them out with our pretty watercolor address labels. And think of how fun it would be to greet each of your guests with a lovely paper flower lei as they arrive to your party! A lei is something that your guests can take home from the party as a reminder of how fun the evening was. Our tutorial even shows you how to use the lei template to make floral straws for your tropical drinks. Just as with the hibiscus flowers and plumerias, you can also use the leis to spread out on different tables for party decoration.   
Luau party invitations
To set the mood for a tropical themed party, you will want to add lots of tropical accents and decorations. Luckily we have lots of tropical DIY projects that will work perfectly for just that! If you are up for the task, making your own DIY palm tree would be an undeniable statement piece at any island party. Although this project is not complicated, it is more time consuming that our other tropical DIY projects. A tropical alternative that would be much easier to make are DIY pineapples crafted from foam! I love the idea of using these pineapples as centerpieces for your party, or placing them at your tiki bar for decoration. No tropical party would be complete without some yummy beverages, so we came up with a pineapple cocktail recipe that is just divine! Consider adding our tropical leaf garland to adorn your bar or hang from string lights to create a true tropical wonderland. If you do not have a tropical party in your future plans but still want to create a tropical oasis for yourself, you can easily use our DIY pineapples and tropical leaf garland to simply dress up your outdoor space for summertime.

After you’ve set out your tropical decorations either for a themed party or for some summer home decor, you can make some tropical DIY magic in the kitchen! Pineapple is a wonderful ingredient for sweet treats, and we have a fantastic recipe for gluten free mini pineapple upside down cakes. Make a batch for your tropical party or for a delicious after dinner indulgence. Use our cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers to create an inviting dessert display for your celebration. A dessert display would also be a great opportunity to incorporate those cute DIY pineapples or handcrafted hibiscus flowers and plumerias

And there you have it! All of my tropical DIY project suggestions for your home or party decor in one convenient place. You can even send out our Mahalo cards to thank your guests for attending your party afterward. Cheers to a balmy summer full of relaxation and pineapple-flavored deliciousness! Stay tuned for some beyond adorable felt starfish that you can also incorporate into centerpieces for a tropical party! Always feel free to write in with project suggestions to or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated on what we’re sharing daily. Enjoy! ~ Lia