Did you know the poinsettia is not actually a flower but a plant that has colorful leaves? And did you ever wonder why poinsettias are associated with Christmas? Well, let me tell you! 

It all started with Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico, who brought these plants back to the U.S. in the early 1800s. But they didn’t become popular until the 1900s—when Paul Ecke Jr. started marketing them by sending free poinsettia plants to TV studios across the country and making sure they got airtime during Christmas specials. There’s of course more to the story, but this is where the trend of the Christmas poinsettia began! Interesting, right?

Ok, back to my video tutorial on how to decorate with paper poinsettias. I’ll show you how to create paper poinsettia arrangements with live greenery, add poinsettias to the tops of gifts, and how to make potted paper poinsettia plants. You’ll also learn how I arranged a gorgeous wreath using a grapevine form and my white crepe paper poinsettias, adding two colors of green leaves to finish the look.

All of the projects shown in the video are linked below. If you end up crafting any of these paper poinsettias, share them with us! You can post pictures on our Facebook page or post them on your Instagram and use the hashtag #MadeWithLia

Poinsettia Projects in this Video

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paper poinsettia wreath and paper poinsettia gift toppers next to ribbon and scissors