Deck the Halls with DIY Decorations

My team and I have made some truly amazing Christmas projects over the last few years. It can be difficult to pick favorites! But today that’s what I’m doing. So if you’re ready for some gorgeous holiday decor ideas as well as Christmas decorating tips, scroll down! You can make any of these crafts now for Christmas in July or use them as inspiration for what you’ll make in November or December.

Paper Christmas Decorations

Since paper is my craft material of choice, I love to find ways to make 3D ornaments and other unique decorations that I can use year after year. Here are four of my favorites plus some Christmas decorating tips.

  1. One of my first designs for this site is my paper birds. You can make these little birds in any color of paper and tuck them onto the limbs of your Christmas tree or place them around your home as an art object.
  2. Another favorite decoration is my papercut winter village. It has such great detail and is very quick and easy to craft with a cutting machine! You can arrange this village on your mantel and add a few of our paper houses for extra dimension.
  3. I love to make crepe paper mistletoe that I can bring out every year instead of purchasing a new one. Plus this version is safe for kids and pets! I also love to top a special gift with a sprig of the crepe leaves and berries.
  4. A fun piece that adds a rustic look to your holiday walls is our wood paper deer head. For mine, I glued it onto a wood slice that I purchased at my local craft store. This piece can be an excellent accent for a den or a kid’s room year-round. But to add that extra Christmas cheer, cut a colorful paper wreath to hang around your deer’s neck.

Felt and Fabric Christmas Decorations

Working with felt and fabric ensures your Christmas crafts will last year after year as these fibers are simple to store and always look fresh. Make sure when you box up your wool or wool blend items you include cedar slices in your containers to keep out the moths. The cedar also adds a great holiday fragrance to jump-start your senses when you open up your storage box.

Here are four crafts that I use every year along with some Christmas decorating tips for each one.

  1. Garlands are such a great way to add color and can be used in so many different ways. Use your garland on your mantel, wind it around your stair railing, hang it over a door, decorate a bookcase, or hang it from your curtain rods. This felt greenery garland is so gorgeous and features a mix of light and dark red and green shades for a festive look.
  2. Changing out your decorative pillows in your living space is such a simple way to update your home for the holidays. These pillows with simple sentiments applied to linen pillow covers with heat transfer vinyl are my favorite for Christmas. You can also mix and match them by adding a different word on both sides of your pillows.
  3. Making custom stockings has been a long time tradition in my family. The creamy white wool of these monogrammed stockings works perfectly every year as they will always coordinate with any color palette you choose.
  4. Finally, for Christmas in July, I recommend making embroidered felt Christmas ornaments. These hand-stitched treasures will make a lovely addition to any holiday tree. Pick your wool or wool blend felt in your favorite holiday color palette. Then add that touch of bling with sparkling gold embroidery floss!

Copper Wire Christmas Decorations

Round and flat copper wire is a fun material for crafting unique and gorgeous Christmas decorations. Pick some up at your hardware store — or check Amazon! Here are a few simple projects we think you and your family will enjoy crafting for Christmas in July.

  1. Copper wire spiral trees are such a fun project. My Christmas decorating tip for this project is to make trees of different sizes. Then, place them on your mantel with paper trees and/or felt trees of varying heights. They will also add some shine and sparkle to your decor!
  2. Making copper leaf ornaments is another way to add natural elements to your Christmas tree — along with a bit of elegance. Using copper sheets as your material also adds a warm glow to the leaves hung between your tree lights. You can cut the copper sheets with craft scissors, but you may want to dedicate an older pair for this craft as the metal will dull your scissors faster than other materials.
  3. If you like the minimalist yet modern look, try creating geometric decor from a copper wire. These copper geometric ornaments use materials all found at your local hardware store and are so fun to make! This is a great project to introduce to other family members and friends on a dedicated craft night.
  4. A star is a common Christmas topper, but there are so many other ways you can use this simple design to create a stunning holiday display. This copper wire star would look great on a mantel, shelf, or table. Or, you can hang up this copper wire star wreath anywhere in your home.

More Inspiration

Want more inspiration for your Christmas in July holiday preparation? Be sure to watch my video where I show you three ways to decorate your mantel for the holidays. I also share some more Christmas decorating tips that will make it easy for you to hang and display your handmade decorations.

What else could you make for Christmas in July?

Stay tuned for next Sunday’s post! I will be sharing some of my best DIY wreaths for Christmas plus seasonal wreaths you can keep up all winter long. In addition to wreaths, I will also show you some of my favorite paper flowers to make for Christmas.

If you are celebrating Christmas in July and end up making any of our projects, I would love to see them! Just use the hashtag #MadeWithLia when you post pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Or, if you have any good Christmas decorating tips you want to share with us and other crafters, comment below!

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