In this holiday gift wrapping video, I start by going over the basics: wrapping a standard boxed present. My signature technique is what I like to call the “invisible edge.” As I wrap the paper around the box, I crease each edge to create neat lines. When I get to the last seam, I fold the paper under along the edge of the seam and use double stick tape to secure. After you finish wrapping, you can move on to your gift topper options. 

Bows are classic gift toppers, especially for the holidays. There are plenty of ways that you can get unique with your bows: paper bows, felt bows or bows with papercut details. But above all these, nothing beats a gorgeously tied bow with a quality ribbon. Silk and velvet ribbons are my go-tos for the holidays. They are so decadent and lovely! Red baker’s twine can also be a really festive material for holiday gift wrapping. A few years ago, I shared my technique for tying the perfect bow in this video. For this video I’m trying something new by showing you how to tie a beautiful Tiffany inspired bow! 

The Tiffany inspired bow is different from my “perfect bow” in a couple of ways. With the Tiffany inspired bow, you wrap the ribbon in both directions on the box. This allows the ribbon to lay flat on the bottom. No crossed knots will be getting in your way of stunning gifting, which is exactly what we want! 

Other than bows, there are so many other creative gift toppers. The gift toppers featured in this video are our mix and match paper bows, crepe paper poinsettia, metallic paper poinsettia, crepe holly leaves and copper wire greetings. If you like the DIY ornament gift topper idea, find our clay snowflakes or browse all of our DIY ornaments. The best part of putting effort into your gift topper is that your loved ones can save them for other things after they’ve unwrapped their presents. We hope you enjoy your holiday gift wrapping! Cheers! ~ Lia and the Team