Unique Gift Wrapping

Printable Gift Wrap:

Holiday Gift WrapFor standard boxed presents that come in squares and rectangles, start by picking out some show-stopping wrapping paper. We have a ton of printable gift wrap sets with gorgeous designs for the holidays. For each of these gift wraps, you simply have to download the design that you like and print it onto regular text weight copy paper. Anything heavier than text weight will be to stiff to fold around the gifts. The files are all formatted to fit 11 x 17 paper, but you can also print onto 8.5 x 11 for smaller gifts. Some of our favorite designs include our chalkboard Christmas gift wrapbuffalo plaid gift wrap and winter cozy gift wrap. You can browse our entire collection of our gift wrap fit for the holidays here!


DIY Gift Toppers:

img_9545Gift toppers are our favorite way to make gifts stand out. The best part is that almost anything can be a gift topper! Naturally the most classic gift topper is a bow. You can tie a gorgeous bow out of any nice ribbon (we personally love May Arts Brand!), and a few years ago I created a full video tutorial plus a photo tutorial to show you how to tie the perfect bow. Being the papercrafters that we are, we like bringing some patterns into our bows with our favorite gift wrap designs – print our signature paper bow template to get started! For a cozier material, you can make a felt bow for your Christmas gifts. To mix it up, we also created a new papercut bow design for variety.

fji14376If you really want to explore the possibilities for unique gift wrapping, gift toppers are the way to go. Yarn, tissue paper, crepe and felt are all wonderful materials for making gift toppers. The only requirement for a gift topper is that it is pretty! We take any opportunity that we can to make paper flowers, so we love crepe poinsettias or metallic paper poinsettias as gift toppers for Christmas. A paper amaryllis or mistletoe bunch would also be lovely and out of the ordinary. Any little ornaments make for great gift toppers, like clay snowflakes, felt animal ornaments or papercut metallic balls.

Felt Deer gift topper

Pom poms are always make for a nice gift topper, and tissue pom poms and yarn pom poms are both super easy to make. Our most unique gift topper has to be our copper wire Christmas greetings. They are much easier to make than you would expect and they are something that you can keep after opening the gift itself!


How To Wrap A Wine Bottle Gift:

Wine bottle gift bag DIYBottle gifts like wine or nice olive oil are always popular during the holidays, especially for host and hostess gifts. The only problem is that wrapping a bottle can be awkward and difficult. Luckily we have lots of unique gift wrapping tricks for a beautiful presentation! One easy option is to create some gorgeous gift labels or tags, like our buffalo plaid bottle labels. You can customize them with a holiday greeting and then print onto full sheet label paper to stick directly onto the bottles. Easy! Another option is to craft a reusable bag, either from fabric, scrapbook paper or gift wrap. Follow our easy photo tutorial for sewing a bottle bag. We like a thicker material to hold the weight of the bottle, like hemp fabric, and you can then decorate it with a pretty iron-on design. If you have a favorite paper gift wrap, you can watch our video tutorial for creating a bottle bag with it. For a truly stunning bottle wrap, we recommend using heavy floristic crepe paper. You can craft lovely holiday blooms for your bottles, like our crepe amaryllis bottle wraps. We promise your friends will be impressed with your unique gift wrapping skills!

crepe_paper_wine_bottle_wraps_0003Wrapping Food Gifts:

dscf6286Just like bottle gifts, food gifts are a delicious way to spread some cheer during the holidays. When I was growing up, we never bought a pre-made baked good. My mother made the most amazing homemade banana bread and pumpkin loafs, and we actually even ground our own flour. If you have your special goodies that you like to gift during the holidays, you will want to make sure that you can transport them without making a mess. Wax paper is always a go-to.

Baking Gift Tag PrintablesOnce you have your baked goods ready, you can make this adorable window treat bag with any patterned paper you like. To finish off your unique gift wrapping for food gifts, you can add a pretty holiday gift tag. You can print the tag onto cardstock to hang it off your gift with some string, or print onto full sheet label paper to stick the tag directly onto the food wrapping. Use some baking-themed gift tags to show off your makes, or find the rest of our holiday food gift labels. If you specifically like baking pies, we recommend wrapping the slices in wax paper and transporting them in pie slice boxes. For anyone looking for recipe inspiration, we love sharing our cowgirl bark with loved ones! Holiday candies or sweets are always a classic food gift, and there is no more adorable way to give them than with a seasonal treat box, like a gingerbread house or cozy cabin design.

Holiday Party Favor BoxesWrapping Gift Cards:

christmas_gift_tags_0001Although gift cards can be a great present (because who doesn’t want free money to their favorite stores?), they can be a bit “blah” to give. They are small and straightforward, and there’s not much you can do to make them look special. So of course we had to come up with some unique gift wrapping solutions for this! There are lots of cute envelope options for either hanging the gift card from your Christmas tree or attaching it to an already wrapped present. You can create glittery envelopes with trendy geometric shapes, or beautiful 3D papercut envelopes with Christmas designs. If you like working with felt, you can sew up a little felt tote for your gift card and add shimmery iron-on designs for fun.

felt_gift_card_holders_0001Gift Bags:

DIY Gift BagsAs pretty and fun as gift wrap can be, there are times when we’d rather go for a more sustainable option. For this we turn to something that can be used over and over again, like gift bags. And sometimes, the bag itself can even be part of the present! You can easily craft a paper gift bag out of scrapbook paper or wrapping paper. Personally, we love the idea of making a canvas tote bag with a stylish iron-on for unique gift wrapping. This way, the person receiving the gift will be able to use the tote for grocery shopping or weekend trips. A canvas bag is also a great way to package awkwardly shaped gifts! Use a holiday-themed iron-on, or simply pick something that you think is stylish. Our honey bee tote, hello tote and feather iron-ons are particularly cute for giving to friends.

Canvas_Tote_Bag_Gift_Wrap_TNGift Tags:

Holiday StickersNo matter what gifts you are giving, they could always use a nice gift tag to show who the gift is for. Gift tags are also the most simple way to dress up your ordinary packages. If you are short on time, we have a huge variety of pretty gift tags for Christmas that you can print right from home. We love the chalkboard look for the holidays because it is reminiscent of a snowy scene. Or you can go for something truly unique by making birch wood gift tags. Many of our gift tag designs were made to specifically match a printable gift wrap set, so feel free to browse to pick your favorites.

Scandinavian Christmas Tags

Kid’s Gift Wrap:

Polar Animal Gift Boxes

Gift_Wrap_Gingerbread_TNChristmas is a great time to get the kids in on the crafty fun, so we also came up with a number of projects that are great for little ones to make or receive. Our arctic animals gift wrapgingerbread gift wrap and woodland friends design are some of our favorite printable gift wraps for kids, and they also have matching gift tags as well. Christmas can be a really magical time for kids, so to keep the fantasy alive, printable gift tags from the North Pole go well with any holiday gift. If you are using a solid colored wrapping paper, you can give your packages some flair with our adorable animal gift wrap ideas. A fun holiday activity to do with your kids is to customize your own gift wrap, and you can follow our tutorial here for some inspiration. Pair your custom gift wrap activity with these button gift tags for the ultimate crafting afternoon!

Delivery from the North PoleWe hope that you found this gift wrapping guide helpful!  Head over to our Christmas section to see the latest and greatest. Join our crafting community here or subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage for daily updates. Enjoy! ~ Lia and the Team