We are so excited to see that paper craft is enjoying a surge in popularity at the moment. And why not? It’s arguably one of the most accessible craft materials out there, and it’s actually how I got my start in the world of DIY as a little girl. Who doesn’t have a sheet of paper, gift wrap, tissue or card at home? And with papers available in every shade, weight and texture you can think of, it’s no wonder that makers are falling in love with this versatile material. It’s that versatility that makes paper our go-to material for making party decor of all kinds. You might be surprised by all the paper party decoration possibilities!

(Links to projects above: paper succulent favors, bear straw huggers, paper feather backdrop, bee party favors)

Paper crafting for weddings, holidays and parties is particularly popular with over 4.8 million paper craft ideas for celebrations saved on Pinterest as of December 2016. Things like pretty paper birthday banners, 3D paper geodes, cute kid’s party favors and stunning paper bridal flowers. Inspiration for making with paper is never far away, but still many crafters are intimidated by the idea of working with this material. Cutting intricate patterns, or turning a flimsy 2D sheet into a sturdy 3D structure can feel a little disorienting. For those who want to give this popular DIY trend a go, we’ve got the low down on all things “paper”, plus a round up of our most favorite DIY paper party decoration projects. Follow our step-by-step tutorials and we’ll have you calling yourself a “paper crafter” in no time!

Wedding Backdrop DIY

Paper craft kits are perfect for beginners wanting to try making with paper. Paper stacks that include pre-cut shapes, paper, templates and instructions offer an easy entryway for curious crafters and tend to yield great results. Treat boxes, ornaments, garlands and home decorations make great kits if you are a first timer or simply looking to update your seasonal décor with ease. Pick up inexpensive materials like glue sticks, scissors and tape, and you’ll have everything you need to give this exciting DIY trend a go.

DIY Rustic Bridal Bouquet @LiaGriffith.comIf assembling pre-cut paper crafts isn’t your thing, purchasing a selection of good quality papers is where you will want to start. Text weight papers plus two or three different weights of cardstock are essential for any well-stocked paper craft stash. Text weight paper is ideal for making stunning paper flowers; it can be manipulated to form soft curves while still retaining its shape. Its versatility makes it the perfect medium for making wedding flower bouquets – a favorite for brides who want their bouquet to last a lifetime. Text weight papers are also great for kid’s crafts, party banners, and table decorations. It can be punched and cut easily, color can be added using markers, and it can be layered to create fun multi-colored party projects. Cardstock is ideal for papercut banners, cake toppers and cupcake wrappers or anything sturdy like 3D models or ornaments. Heavy glitter cardstock is a must for crafters wanting to make shimmering paper party decoration!

Texture and color are equally important when purchasing paper for crafting. Embossed papers are fun to use in a range of celebratory paper crafts because you can find lots of different patterns. Some of our favorites are Swiss dot patterns, stripes and shapes for creating fun party hats, festive party favors or homemade confetti. Color palettes should inspire you to make something fabulous. Pastels continue to be widely popular this coming year, with brights and neons making frequent appearances in paper party decoration designs. Iridescent papers or anything that shimmers in the light are fantastic choices for party décor projects.

DIY Paper SucculentsThose familiar with the Lia Griffith studio will know that, with the help of our talented paper making friends, we have embarked on a fantastic crepe paper revival over the last 12 months. No longer is this thick, harshly colored material saved for elementary school crafts. Our extra fine crepe papers are perfect for those wanting a more delicate and realistically textured look to their paper crafting. With 130% stretch, these new crepe papers are easy to stretch, curl and twist into beautiful shapes, and so are popular with the world’s growing population of paper flower makers. Color palettes are inspired by nature rather than the candy store, which is appealing to a new wave of paper crafters. Wax coated floral tapes and floral wire stems are a great purchase alongside crepe papers for those wanting to delve into a little paper flower making. Makers are creating seasonal wreaths, bridal bouquets, gift bouquets, boutonnieres and stunning centerpieces using this gorgeous material.

Likewise, tissue paper is, at last, making its way beyond the gift wrapping aisle and into the craft departments – yay! We have had a whole bunch of fun using colored tissue papers to make pretty poms, favors, gift toppers, photo backdrops and more. Again, social media sites are filled with inspiration, tutorials and templates, so tissue paper kits are great option to explore if you are a curious crafter. Paper crafting for celebrations and beyond is no doubt here to stay and we are excited to see this trend grow through the next 12 months. We would love to see your paper party decoration projects come time life, so share your pictures to us on Instagram #DIYDreamingWithLia! We also invite you to leave comments below telling us your favorite party decor ideas. Enjoy! ~ Lia and the Team

Adapted from our article featured in Craft Business Magazine, Dec 2016