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Video: Crepe Paper Peony

Many of you have been asking if I could film my classes, especially the paper flower classes, and I listened. Starting with my all time favorite flower, this is the first of a series of 5 crepe paper flower classes which I will share with you in the month of July. I am filming these classes as a shortened version of how I might teach the two hour class. Remember, you can pause the class as you create your flowers to follow along with me. You can download the PDF printable of the peony pattern here in this post as well as see a photo tutorial of the steps. Thank you Carte Fini for teaming with me in making these classes available to you. I would love to hear your feedback on these classes, see photos of your finished blooms, as well as your wishlist for upcoming videos. I am very excited to share these with you. Enjoy! ~ Lia

  1. So I have a question about how many flowers do you get with one roll? It is about 14.95 per roll with shipping and handling so just wanted to ask how many would you get from a roll? I also understand you would need to buy the leave colors too..Thanks in advance loved your website..

  2. Beautiful! I’d love to try making these myself, however, I can’t find the peony template. I click on all the links that refer to the template (in both the blog and video), and it’s only showing me the step by step images. Am I missing it??

  3. the flowers you make are so pretty, i was wondering where you could get crepe paper and how long it might take for a beginner to make a flower?

  4. These video tutorials along with the templates have given me the confidence to make these lovely flowers for my wedding centerpieces. The peonies, gardenias, ranunculus and roses are all coming out lovely. Thank you so much!!!

  5. Thank you so much for this! I don’t know how to send you a photo but I’ve just made my first one and it looks just like yours which is not what I was expecting! I’m making these for my wedding to intersperse with real flowers to try and save some money, can’t wait!

  6. Love your style. I bought the Italian crepe paper and have made a few of the peonies, but I wonder if you have tried cutting the crepe petals out on the cricut explore?

  7. I made my first peony last evening! :-) I am so darn excited! I absolutely loved it! Thank you for all of your assistance, I would not have tried it without the video! Undoubtably, I watched it 10 times before starting. I already have 6 more cut out and ready to assemble. You have such an encouraging and calm demeanor, my confidence bloomed! Thanks!

  8. it’s very beautiful!! i’m glad i found your blog

  9. thnkyou very much lia.i love your paper crafts adore u

  10. Excelente. I love. Gracias

  11. Beautiful, thank you for the video

  12. As always, just as beautiful as everything else you do.

    What is the weight of the crepe paper from Catefini do you use? I am going to place an order right away.

    • Thanks Kristina! I typically use the 180 as it has a lot of color choices, but all of the crepes at Carte Fini are amazing and will look beautiful.

  13. Very nice video!! And Isabel(my daughter) loves watching you making things!!

  14. really appreciate the video–
    am anticipating your next tutorial–

  15. They are beautiful!

  16. So beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Seeing you make the flower, makes it all so much engaging and reassuring. Thanks for that extra effort!

  18. Loved watching the video on how to make the flowers, thank you for sharing.

  19. That’s great!!! Best blog eveeeeeeeeeer!!!!! Thanks!!! 😉

  20. hello lia,
    what a good idea to make videos! I found your written & photographed instructions very good and easy to follow, but a video is fun, too. I liked your upbeat, happy music :-) and seeing personal things like the shelves in the backround with the vases on them.
    have a happy day,

    • That is great to hear! Thanks Stephie. I plan to continue the photo tutes in addition to any videos I shoot. I think together they make a complete class.

  21. Thank you Lia, you are so generous to share your talent. I can’t wait to try the peony

  22. Thank you for this! Makes it much easier when I can follow along and I cannot wait to give it a try.

  23. I really enjoyed the video plus peonies are my favorite flowers. You gave me some inspiration for a project in the near future!

  24. Thank you so much for the informative video. I’ve ordered the crepe paper and can’t wait to try this.

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