Oh, What Fun it is to Craft!

We have tons of fun Christmas crafts on our site, so it can be tough to select favorites. In my first Christmas in July post, I focused on Christmas decorating tips and the craft materials we use for our Christmas projects. So you will see those same materials here along with some new ones. Yes, we are talking about pinecones and pom-poms! Both are so simple yet bring so much joy. And we have some especially cute craft ideas you can make from each one.

Felt Christmas Cozies

It is difficult to not feel the holiday spirit when holding a warm wintery beverage that is wrapped in a felt Santa or reindeer cozy. These winter wraps are such fun Christmas crafts! They are also easy to craft using a wool blend felt, pre-made felt balls, and a bit of craft glue. You can cut them by hand or use our SVG pattern on your cutting machine to make the craft one step simpler.

This project is a fun one to make with your kids. You could also craft them as gifts for coworkers, family members, and friends.

Pinecone Crafts

Next up on our list of fun Christmas crafts is our pinecone projects, which have been a member favorite for years. They are super easy to make and are a great project for kids! You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree, top a gift, or place on a shelf with other Christmas decor.

Choose from three pinecone owl templates. (These little birds will keep watch on the dark winter nights.) Or you can make our pinecone elves to add a bit of charm and magic to your winter decor.

Festive Gifts & Treats

Some other fun Christmas crafts are our festive amaryllis bottle wrap and our tissue paper angel treat huggers. I love adding a handmade touch to holiday treats. So we have created DIY templates and tutorials to help you do the same!

For our crepe paper bottle wraps, we have also included a video tutorial to show you the step-by-step process. This project is a great host or hostess gift — and it’s an easy way to fancy up your wine bottle a bit and make it feel more Christmasy. For the tissue paper angels, we have included a simple eight-step photo tutorial for you to follow. They are so easy to craft that you could easily make a bowlful and keep them out as a fun treat for your little ones and their friends.

Mini Christmas Trees

Another idea to add to your list of fun Christmas crafts to make is mini trees! Learn how to make copper wire spiral trees using material you can find at your hardware store and following along with our video tutorial. You can style your mini copper trees in a playful or elegant setting with your other Christmas decorations. I personally like to use a variety of trees, made out of different craft materials, for my Christmas mantel display.

Along with our copper wire trees, some of my favorite mini trees are our paper snowflake trees. You can pick any color of paper, paint your spacer beads to match, and display them in little pots or by hanging them in your windows. Another playful mini tree is our faux bottle brush trees made from one of our favorite materials, crepe paper. Mixing the colors of crepe with different sizes will give you your own mini forest to decorate your mantel.

Handmade Ornaments

We have tons of beautiful DIY ornaments on our site. But keeping our topic of fun Christmas crafts in mind, we will show you just a few ideas. A classic idea for Christmas is our cute Santa ornaments made out of felt. We also think these colorful retro ornaments made out of paper are so fun! Both of these ornaments are very easy to craft and take less than 10 steps to make.

One of our most popular ornaments is our tissue paper star origami ornaments. We chose a bright blue for our origami stars but you can choose whatever color of tissue paper you like best! We have also included a video tutorial to help guide you as you fold your paper.

Finally, we can’t forget a glittery star for the top of your tree! This is another favorite project and will definitely make your tree stand out, especially if you pick a metallic color of  paper like we did.

Fun Photo Ideas

Part of the joy of Christmas is making memories you can look back on fondly. Since most people take photos with family and friends at Christmas parties or on Christmas Day, we have some ideas to make your photos even more fun!

First, we have some Christmas photo booth props that are super easy to assemble. All you have to do is print and cut our patterns out, and then glue them onto wooden sticks or skewers. And second, we have these amazing pom-pom sweaters! You can make these sweaters more Christmasy by using green, red, and white felted balls.

Pom-Pom Projects

Last but not least are pom poms! Pom-pom crafts are of course on our list of fun Christmas crafts to make. And if I had to pick our most popular pom-pom craft for Christmas, it would have to be our pom-pom gnome ornaments.

Next up, I have to include our pom-pom penguins. Is there anything cuter than a pom-pom penguin, especially when they are wearing a felt scarf and soft, sparkly earmuffs? They are the perfect craft for a fun winter display. Or you can turn them into ornaments for your tree by threading twine through the top of their heads — like we did for our pom-pom snowman ornaments.

Explore More

That’s it for our fun Christmas crafts! For more decor ideas, you can browse through all of our Christmas projects. Of course, we also have some gorgeous Christmas flowers and wreaths you can make.

We will have new Christmas projects to share with you starting in November. But if you want us to design something in particular, let us know in the comments and we will add it to our list!

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Happy crafting! ~ Lia and team