Let Your Christmas Spirit Bloom

One of the best things about making your own flowers is that you can make your favorites anytime. So if you want to craft a spring or summer flower when it’s winter where you are, go for it! However, to fit our Christmas in July theme, I will be sharing Christmas flowers and wreaths that you would typically decorate with for the season.

If you have any pets, we highly recommend making the first three flowers (poinsettias, paperwhites, and hellebores) out of paper or felt since the real ones are toxic to dogs and cats. That being said, we like to craft all of our Christmas flowers and wreaths so we can hold on to them for next year. This will save you from spending money on a new wreath or poinsettia every year. Plus all of these projects will look absolutely stunning in your home!

As you scroll down, you will see I have listed a few project ideas in each category. I would love to know which Christmas flowers and wreaths are your favorites, so tell me in the comments! You can also share pictures with me on Instagram or email hello@liagriffith.com. Enjoy and happy Christmas! ~ Lia and team


The poinsettia has become the traditional Christmas flower here in the United States and other places in the world. A little confession here — it was when I started making poinsettias from paper that I began to appreciate this flower that originated in Mexico. Forming the petals and leaves from the paper while adding color with markers and PanPastel brings a new elegance to a plant that has become common throughout the winter months. You can see how I use these flowers in my video “How to Decorate with Paper Poinsettias” for inspiration on new and traditional ways to incorporate them into your Christmas decor.

Another idea is to branch out from paper! Try making a mini potted poinsettia from felt, which makes a great handmade gift and will last for years to come. You can craft it with pink felt like we did or use a more traditional red for this Christmas flower.


Another flower that makes a gorgeous potted plant for Christmas in July and beyond is the paperwhite variety. This flower is part of the narcissus family. These snowy white blooms add a freshness to any table and are quite simple to assemble. With our patterns and tutorials, you can make a crepe paperwhite plant or construct one from a text weight frosted paper. Both versions are simply gorgeous. And they look great in your home once Christmas is over, too.

If you’re wondering how you can use paperwhites in winter arrangements, here is a video where I show how to make a centerpiece. Sharing arrangement tips from my flower shop years, I experiment by mixing fresh holiday greens with paper blooms. In the video, I combine crepe paper red charm peonies, lush anemone flowers, and delicate paperwhites.


A new winter flower favorite of mine is the mysterious hellebore bloom. These flowers grow in cold climate gardens and produce delicate blooms throughout the winter months. They come in a variety of creamy whites with hints of green, dusty pinks, and deep plums.

You can use our template for a simple crepe paper hellebore, perfect for the beginner flower maker. Or, if you prefer working with a text weight paper, we also have a template for you to make a lovely bouquet of frosted hellebore blooms.

Christmas Cactus

I have such lovely memories of my grandmother’s Christmas cactus. It would bloom for us every winter with a lush waterfall of bright pink flowers. Being the youngest of four sisters, I feel honored that her beloved plant was gifted to me. Every winter, the vibrant blooms remind me of my childhood.

I am excited to share our two handmade versions of a Christmas cactus, the first made from crepe. A second option is to create a potted blooming plant with green and pink felt. This version is so pretty and would be perfect for a child’s room.

Simple Winter Wreaths

Wreaths are such a versatile item for decor. You can use them to quickly add a pop of nature into your room. Also, their circular shape brings in a delicate balance to the edges and flatness of furniture and shelves.

This papercut white eucalyptus wreath is not only great for holiday decor but as a neutral color and shape that look beautiful displayed all year round. With a cutting machine doing the heavy lifting, you can see in my video how simple these are to make. You can explore this design in different colors as well!

A few other wreaths that push the boundary of traditional Christmas are our paper pine needle Scandi stars and our Scandi house & greenery wreath. These are two popular projects that draw inspiration from our northern friends.

A few more of my favorites are these simple laurel leaf wreaths and our mini wreaths. These would be a great project to make with children and look pretty hung in windows.

Christmas Wreaths

There is nothing that says Christmas sweeter than a traditional conifer greenery and red berry wreath. Our crepe paper evergreen and holly leaf wreath is a gorgeous design that can be worn as a crown or arranged to hang on the front door.

A wreath that is perfect for the cutting machine is our evergreen holiday wreath, which also uses painted red beads for holly berries. Another cutting machine favorite is our paper Christmas wreath that forms the berries along with the greenery from different colors of frosted paper.

Explore More

For more ideas, you can explore all of our holiday and Christmas wreaths made from different craft materials and always add any of these winter blooms into the mix!