Mother's Day Gift Ideas Handmade Gifts that Mom Will Love

Every year, Mother’s Day is the one day that can be completely dedicated to Mom. Coincidentally, my birthday happens to be on Mother’s Day this year, so it’s double the celebration for me and my daughter! I know that I wish mine were still with us so I could have another chance to celebrate her. Although we should be celebrating moms every day, having this specific holiday gives us a chance to show our appreciation with something extra special. As a mother I will say that moms love anything handmade because it comes from the heart. We put together this list of our favorite beautiful and easy Mother’s Day gift ideas for a memorable present that Mom can cherish.

1. Paper Flowers

Who would we be if we didn’t start this list with flowers? It’s always common to give flowers on Mother’s Day, but why spend money on something that will only last for one week? We love paper flowers for so many reasons, but some of the main ones are that they last forever, you can create any bloom regardless of the season, and they are totally allergy-free. Plus they are gorgeous and generously handmade! Some of our favorites for gifting to Mom are orchids, tulips and daffodils. Anything that shouts spring! Browse all of our crepe paper flowers or metallic paper flowers for more inspiration.

Paper Orchid Plant

2. DIY Wall Art

It’s always a good idea to get Mom something that can remind her of you every time she sees it, so for that reason we love a great piece of DIY wall art as a gift. You can give her a framed art print like a pretty inspirational quote, or you can get crafty and make her some 3D wall art. If she loves metallic accents in her home decor, our wire botanical wall art or foiled wood canvases are both great easy options. For a print-then-frame piece of art, she might love our floral printable with a beautiful reminder to be patient with yourself. Find all of our DIY wall art over here.

Copper Wall Art

3. DIY Jewelry

If you’re making a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas, there’s no way that you can leave out jewelry. Especially when it’s handmade! Citrine drop earrings are a fabulously versatile design that can pair with casual outfits or formal outfits. Or, depending on her style, she could love a statement piece necklace like our copper and pearl felt necklace.  These trapeze earrings are the perfect handmade gift for the trendy mom. See all of our DIY jewelry projects to find something that can reflect her personal tastes.

Gold pink gray felt necklace

4. Tea Towels

We have always been a fan of designing tea towels because they can be an almost effortless way to set out a pretty piece of seasonal decor, especially if your mother likes to host dinner parties or gatherings. You can start by buying a set of plain tea towels at your local home goods store, or you can use our tutorial to make your own tea towels out of a yard of linen from the fabric store. Stamp your towels with homemade citrus stamps if she loves a sunny color palette, or iron on a teacup design for an upcoming tea party. Find our collection of DIY tea towel projects for more inspiration.

5. Printable Mother’s Day Goods

6. Tote Bags

You can never have too many canvas tote bags. Whether you are using them for trips to the market, weekend getaways or laundry bags, they are really easy to customize for whatever you might need. Just like the tea towels, you can create your own stamps and use paint to decorate them, or you can apply a stylish iron-on to bring the tote bag to life. Learn how to sew your own tote with our simple sewing machine tutorial, or find a basic canvas tote on Amazon. If your mother likes a design that is sweet and elegant at the same time, our honey bee tote is the design for her. To make something just for her, be sure to take a look at this Mom/Mum tote! Browse all of our DIY tote bags here.

DIY Tote Bagyellow bee tote decal

7. Bath and Beauty Products

One of our go-to Mother’s Day gift ideas is always a lush beauty product. We love using natural ingredients, so we have come up with a number of DIY beauty recipes for skin care. A honey ginger body scrub is a fabulous choice, especially because it comes with printable gift labels that you can use to wrap the scrub in a pretty package. If she loves taking luxurious baths, you can whip up a batch of lavender bath salts (which also comes with a gift tag) or homemade bath melts. Pick out your favorites from our beauty recipe section to make the perfect gift for her.

diy spa gifts

8. A Handmade Apron

One of the things that I look back on most fondly when I think about memories of my mom is the amazing breads and baked goods she used to make. Making aprons will always remind me of her. If you want to sew up a pretty apron for your mom, you can follow our step-by-step photo tutorial. Head to your local fabric store to pick out a patterned fabric that you think she would love to make your own custom design.

9. A Beautiful Recipe Box

Another classic Mother’s Day gift idea that you could even pair with an apron is a recipe box for Mom to store all of her culinary concoctions. Pick up a wooden box from your local craft store and print our vinyl design to stick to the box. If you know some of Mom’s classic recipes, you can print them onto our matching recipe cards that come with the vinyl design. She will be able to think of you every time she opens it! Just don’t forget to send her the recipe card template so she can fill them in for herself as well.

Make your own recipe box

10. Custom Tea Bags

Does Mom love drinking tea? Does she have a favorite brand of tea sachets or loose leaf? You can easily create a custom set of tea for her with printable tea tags. Simply replace the original tags with these pastel colored designs, or handcraft your own tea sachets with some loose leaf and cheesecloth. If you are choosing this for your Mother’s Day gift, you may also want to pair it with our adorable teacup tea towel.

Printbale tea tagsteacup decal for tea towell

11. Craft Membership!

If Mom loves to craft or plan special events big or small, then you might consider indulging her with a year of membership to the site! Learn more about how you can get her in on our crafting community here.

Browse all of our Mother’s Day projects on the site for more gift and decor inspiration. Pop over to our membership page to start downloading, or leave a comment below with your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas! We love getting you in on the creative process, so share your project suggestions and requests, or tag your project photos on Instagram using #MadeWithLia. We can’t wait to see what inspires you! Enjoy your Mother’s Day ~ Lia & Team