If you need ideas for how to decorate your mantel for the holidays, you’re not alone! We’ve noticed that holiday mantel décor is something that many of you are interested in. So to help you out with that, we created a video showing you three ways to style your mantel for Christmas. 

The three mantels we are showing you today feature DIY holiday projects made from felt, crepe paper, and frosted paper. You’ll find all the projects listed below as well as photos of each mantel. And if you want even more ideas for how to decorate your mantel, see this post on holiday mantel décor trends.

      Mesmerizing Mantel Décor

Decorating your mantel is one of the simplest ways to get your home ready for the holidays. In my video tutorial below, I share three ways to style your mantel for Christmas using DIY projects and other home décor. I also share some decorating tips, including how to hang your garland, how to combine certain colors to create a calm and cozy vibe, and how to create different looks.

If you don’t have a fireplace mantel, you could always add these holiday decorations to a cube organizer, bookcase, or shelf in your living room. Either way, I would love to see how you use these DIY ideas to decorate your home! So make sure to tag me in your Instagram photos or use the hashtag #MadeWithLia

We’ll be sharing new holiday projects along with old favorites on our social channels, too, if you want more home décor ideas. You can find daily inspiration on our Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. Or browse our YouTube channel for more video tutorials. Happy decorating! ~ Lia and team

Felt Mantel Projects:

Crepe Paper Mantel Projects:

Frosted Paper Mantel Projects:

holiday mantel with felt greenery garland, felt monogrammed white stockings, felt joy, felt reindeer, red ombré felt wreath, white felt wreath, grey knit wreath, and white vases with fresh greenery
holiday mantel with white crepe paper poinsettia wreath, pink crepe paper poinsettias, white twig branch wreath, white crepe paper magnolia leaf garland, and candles
holiday mantel with green garland and tiny LED string lights, paper poinsettia wreath, paper canal houses, paper snowflake trees, wooden bead garland, pink tray, and artwork