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Lifetime Access: Embroidery 101

In this Skill Course, Emily teaches the basics of decorative embroidery. You will learn 21 different stitches shown on a pre-printed embroidery sampler. This sampler is something to reference as you continue to create beautiful embroidery projects.

Tools & Materials:

For this Skill Course, we have prepared everything you will need in this Embroidery Sampler Kit.
Included are the cotton-linen blend print, a 7-inch hoop, two colors of embroidery floss, and a set of embroidery needles.

You will also need these tools, which we included in the Embroidery Sampler Kit. You can simply remove them from the kit selection in the shop if you already have these items.

You can also simply stitch on a cotton cloth or piece of felt with any floss colors. If you choose this over the kit, you’ll need:


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