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Spring Summit Extra-Fine + Laminated Spring Greenery

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In this Spring Summit 2022 Maker Workshop, we will go over our tips for creating 6 different styles of greenery. These are wired and prepped on their own stems so they are ready to add to any spring flower arrangement.

For the workshop on paper floral arranging these styles of greenery, see Arranging Crepe Paper Flower Spring Bouquets.

This craft summit includes five workshops! Our first workshop shows you how to make six different types of greenery. And then we have three live workshops on how to make a new ranunculus, anemone, and double daffodil. We are using our crepe paper flower kits but I am using an updated template and some new techniques to create these gorgeous spring blooms. For our last workshop, we have two video tutorials on how to use what you’ve made to create a spring bouquet, perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, or any spring occasion.

All five workshops are FREE for annual members or with purchase of our spring summit flower kit(Note: the kit includes a private link to our updated flower patterns and live workshop videos. If you’re an annual member, you can access this content below.)